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Why You Need Moonflowers


 There is one flower that has entertained my father for years. He has a short attention span so if it can entertain him then it's worth a second look....nothing entertains him for long but these show-stopping over the top Moonflowers do.

Why are they called Moonflowers? Well....because they are supposed to only bloom in the evening. These flowers love my dad so much they stay blooming in the morning for him. They love him I tell him. 

Every year the show gets bigger and better. Neighbors ooh and stop and ask....and we all gravitate to look at the flowers that put on a gorgeous show.

He grows them from seed and each year at the end of the season (September) he cuts them back and they drop these little round pointy pods. Inside each pod are 100's of little seeds. You know what that means? More flowers. These are pictures of last years flowers...this year's stalks are starting to come up.

He sent me to the farm with bags full. I'm nervous. What if they don't grow for me? I have super hard clay soil and we haven't gotten a lot of rain yet this season. Everyday he asks, "seen any Moonflowers yet?" I reply.... no dad I need you to come work your magic down here.

  The Moonflowers just keep spreading here, there and everywhere. If you have trouble finding them I found a pack at Dollar General for 50 cents. Wanna know how many seeds were in it? 4. Ridiculous. I tell ya. There were hundreds in one pod from these. I told dad he could have made a killing all these years on seeds.

One thing I have figured out about Moonflowers is that they are much like pumpkins. Throw a pumpkin somewhere and leave it alone and you will end up with 10 more pumpkins. Do you know why? The seeds are fertile and they grow. Good genetics. Even in the plant world everything is based on good genetics. Same holds true for Moonflowers. Use seeds that have dropped out of fertile plants and you will have a show of flowers like you've never seen before.

The sun has burned his way across the sky,
And sunk in sultry splendor; now the earth
Lies spent and gray, wrapped in the grateful dusk;
Stars tremble into sight, and in the west 
The curved moon glows faintly. ‘T is the hour!
See! Flower on flower the buds unfold, until
The air is filled with odors exquisite
And amorous sighs, and all the verdurous gloom
Is starred with silvery disks.
                            Oh, Flower of Dreams! —
Of lover’s dreams, where bliss and anguish meet;
Dreams of dead joys, and joys that ne’er have been;
Keenest of all, the joys that ne’er shall be!            
                                    —Julia Schayer 

Happy Planting,

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  1. OOO, I want some Moon Flowers sooo bad...these are beautiful. I will look at $General and see if I can find them....

  2. Oh yeah, they get to be HUGE! I once had a bloom bigger than my hand. And they smell good too. Have you taken a whiff yet? Tell your dad to start a mail-order business. So glad he passed these on to you. Enjoy!

  3. I Love Moon Flowers too. The gift of scent is heavenly! HPS

  4. OK you have convinced us all to give them a try- they do look phenomenal in Dad's garden.

  5. I have tried moonflowers many times and they hate me - isn't that weird? Your dad's are GORGEOUS!! You may want to try amending your soil with some compost and peat moss...we have clay soil here, too, and I can't plant anything without improving the soil.

  6. Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by Marmelade Gypsy and leaving a lovely comment!

    Like Mountain Mama, I've not been able to find some success with moonflowers but my neighbor has them on the side of the house by mine and so I get to enjoy them -- and you are right! They are wonderful!

  7. Duh! I meant Hello, Valerie! I got my names mixed up!

  8. I wonder if deer like Moonflowers? I love the big, showy white flowers!

  9. The Moon flowers are lovely and they do put on quite a show. I'm glad your father enjoys them so much and they do seem to reward him. Thanks for sharing.


  10. I've never heard of moon flowers... so pretty, so sweet about your dad!

  11. I have some of these! I haven't been able to get mine to grow sown in the garden byt, this year I am starting them indoors!

  12. I had morning glories for years but they finally bloomed themselves out and I need to plant more. I always wanted to plant moon flowers along with them but haven't done it yet. Such a cute story about your Dad..Happy Week to you..Judy

  13. I've been looking for some "bushy" flowers for our front yard and these seem perfect!

  14. To be honest, I have never even heard of Moonflowers! ( I know, I know... shame on me). Now you've inspired me to make a trip to Home Depot and see if they have any.. lol.

  15. I can't wait to give these a try. I may start with a seed pack or goto Homedepot of Lowes. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Wow beautiful flowers. I would get some but I have a black thumb and they would just die, lol! SMH!

  17. They are so pretty! If I could grow plants, I certainly would try these.

  18. See, I didn't even knew the name of those flowers. Thanks for sharing

  19. These are beautiful! I never knew what they are called but I have seen them around! Thank you for sharing about your dad too.

  20. Wow, I've never even heard of Moon Flowers, but they are so gorgeous! I don't have a green thumb, but if I did, I would grow these!

    Beth ||

  21. I remeber this flower we also have this at home, my Mom planted it. And also I think there is a Korean drama about this flower :)

  22. They are gorgeous! I've never seen a moonflower before. I'm also the worst at gardening so I haven't attempted to plant anything myself!

  23. I love Moon Flowers!!! We had them in our school garden!!

  24. These are so pretty. I am terrible at growing anything but growing a whole bunch from only a few seeds sounds like a good deal!

  25. I've never seen Moon flowers before but they look absolutely gorgeous! I've got few bamboo shoots and cactus at my place which are quite of low maintenance!

  26. I have heard good things about these, but have never grown them... that would be a fun addition to the garden... when we have room. :) The 4 seeds to a pkg is ridiculous, but I have seen that b4... so nice to save my own seeds when I can.


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