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Let's Talk About Clover Lawns



  Happy Spring . Time for lush green lawns,  overflowing flower beds and general fun in the sun. While that may be true for a lot of people not everyone wins the lawn war every year.

     clover lawn

Some of us struggle, year after year, to get basic grass to grow in our yards so when we mow we don't have to wear goggles and dust masks and take loads of Benadryl.

I can't tell you how much money I have wasted on grass seed that never sprouts at our farm.It's so frustrating.

We have thick red clay, sand and sand rock. Period. It stinks. Our farm is a breeding ground for funky desert like grasses that are sticky and full of cacti and stickers. While I love Spring and Summer I dread the outbreak of stickers. It's miserable. The kids and adults run all over the farm screaming the entire month of June. Every year we think we can outsmart them and every year we get more red dirt and more stickers.

        Miniclover Backyard

I've been doing a lot of research on grasses and lawn options that might actually work in my area. I need it to be both safe for all kinds of animals and for people.

We have neighbors down the way that have no problem spraying heavy doses of MMA at their farms and a few miles away crop dusters but I don't want any of those dangerous chemicals around us.



So.....we are thinking about doing a Clover Lawn.

The Benefits

1. It grows in low nitrogen soils.

2. It spreads easily.

3. It stays green most of the time.

4. It requires less water than traditional grass lawns.

5. Cost effective.

6. Provides Erosion Control.

7. Wear tolerant (although I have heard mixed opinions on this)

8. Looks nice.

9. It adds nitrogen back to the soil.

10. Sprouts in 3-5 Days.

11. Less mowing.

This afternoon we are putting in our first order for clover seed and I will let you know how it comes out for us.

I don't want to recommend seed until I first try it but if it works I will sing it's praises.

So what are you planting this Spring?

I'd love to hear.


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  1. This is a brilliant idea -- especially if the grubs won't find them attractive!

    Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment at The Marmelade Gypsy! It was lovely having you visit!

  2. I never thought of a clover lawn, but I can imagine how soft and lush it could be. I am hoping to plant white roses in front of my bedroom window. They are my absolute favorites!!

  3. Hmm. You sure have me thinking. Clover is indeed a lovely ground cover. I will be interested to see how it works out for you. I do hate those stickers! We had them on our lawn when we lived in Texas, and oh my they would hurt! Hopefully this is a solution for you! Have a lovely day :)

  4. WOW! What a stupendous idea!! I do love clover. Thanks for popping in today at my Blog.

  5. I love this idea...and clover is so soft to walk on barefoot...

  6. So you have red soil too! The Island is well known for its red soil and the potatoes that grow from it. We're famous, actually. As for clover, that sounds like a good idea. I don't know what stickers are, I guess because we don't have that problem here. We don't have trouble getting grass to grow either but clover would be a lovely alternative as its pretty, green and lofty underfoot. I will be waiting to hear how it grows for you. Thank you for sharing.


  7. Sounds like a great idea and I am really interested to see how you like it. I have similar lawn issues due to rampant deer and my solution has been to landscape with herbs throughout my garden. There's still room for clover though ;) Blessings, Cecilia

  8. I'm not sure what stickers are, but up here on Vancouver Island we have a lawn that is nearly all clover. No one waters grass here in the summer, so we enjoy our green lawn at this time of year and we're patient when it goes dormant during the hot months, knowing that we'll be back to lush green in October. Good luck with it!

  9. Sounds like a good solution for you! I used to love the smell of clover when it was mowed, when we lived in Ohio! Good luck!

  10. I was just thinking about this earlier today when I was working on my garden! Why can't my whole lawn be clover? Why isn't the default choice? It's so much less maintenance! I didn't even know you could buy clover seeds in bulk. Are you going to remove the grass first or hope the clover takes over? I'm very interested to see how this works for you. Hope it does great! (then I might kindly steal the idea haha) :) Meg

  11. We have a lot of clover in our yard and it smells amazing when mowed. I scattered white clover seeds between my garden rows to help control the more invasive weeds and grass and keep them out of my garden beds. I love clover!

  12. Did the clover grow well? I love clover (and creeping Charlie). I would get rid of all my grass if I could!

  13. Less mowing? I'm in!

    No, but really, I'm interested but I'm not sure if my husband would be game.

  14. Clover lawn sounds so soft. Perfect for your feet to walk on and to llive down in on a summer's day. Lovely

  15. Great pictures! I love clover, it looks so pretty in the yard. Going to have to try this for sure.

  16. This has such a pretty look to it! Do dogs and other animals not attempt to eat it? Otherwise I'm sold!

  17. That looks so pretty! I always used to love hunting for 4 leaf clovers on my parents' home's lawn when I was little.

  18. That could work for me. We've had this house for 13 years and never been able to get a nice lawn. Clay & Rocks and maybe even some cobblestone lay underneath. Let's just say we have our share of weeds that take over the yard every year and they keep getting stronger and harder to get rid of. Maybe I'll take your tip and find some clover grass to plant this Spring.

  19. For your type of soul a clover lawn sounds like a good idea

  20. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a clover lawn before. I'm quite interested to see how it looks when your done with the outdoor area.

  21. Clover lawns are the best! They are so beautiful. I remember patches of clover in our lawn when I was growing up in Tennessee and they were fun to play in!

    Beth ||

  22. I can't seem to grow anything in my backyard. I will give this a try and hopefully make it's as green and lovely as yours.

  23. Our yard changes every year but we don't win the most dandelions, lol. I hope to pick up some Hydrangeas a Mandeville would be nice and maybe a Habiscus!

  24. Clover lawn sounds like such a wonderful idea. The benefits are worth making the change for. Moreover,it is going to look absolutely pretty!

  25. A clover lawn sounds perfect.Will be checking it out once you get it done.I live it that you are responsible about chemical usage

  26. They look really cute. I cant wait to see yours!

  27. I work at a Permaculture farm that has a guest house with a clover lawn. It is LOVELY! So soft and green, even in arid Montana... requires much less water than grass, and little to no mowing if you choose a low-growing spreding/mounding variety. When it is covered in white blossems, it is Heavenly, but the bees are there. It is so beautiful, but you need to share it with the bees, so watch your step!. <3

  28. Soooo, how did your clover lawn turn out?? I don't see any follow-up on this. I am in Florida and we have terrible weeds here. I have thought about growing a clover or some sort of herb lawn, but I would like to know how easy or difficult it would be from someone's experience. Also, I don't know how well my neighbors would like it and whether it would spill into their lawns. Although, my weed lawn certainly isn't helping their lawns!


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