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5 Natural Things I Use to Help With My Year Round Allergies


I love nature I do...maybe it's because I'm a Spring baby but there is one thing I dread dealing with year round and that is my allergies.

Over the years I've tried a bazillion different things and until the last few months never with much success.

I've tried allergy testing with the many shots. Loads of fun, but I made a penny per shot so not too bad.

All types of over the counter and prescription medications have been tried too. They seem to stop me up even more or dry out my actual nose and cause more nosebleeds.

The Neti-pot or any type of saline solution haven't been of much use to me. The Neti-Pot does nothing and the over the counter saline sprays burn like heck and you don't get any benefit from it.

What I have found that has been working are a few simple things. They aren't a permanent cure but definitely have offered me some much needed relief.

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Things that have worked for my allergies #1 Peppermint Essential Oil

Now I didn't order a ridiculously expensive oil just a basic brand from the health food store. I use it in a few different ways.

When my head is about to explode from being so full I dab some oil on my temples and the back of my head where my sinuses are. A little rub across my forehead and under my nose works great too. Always use some coconut oil or Olive Oil with the essential oil.

Perhaps the most relief is when I wet a washcloth  with hot water and ring it out and put a drop of peppermint oil on it and lay down and put the washcloth over my mouth and nose and breath in the the scent.

You can also diffuse it in a room.

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Things that have worked for my allergies #2 Apple Cider Vinegar

I am partial to Organic Apple Cider Vinegar w/ the mother. I mix about a Tablespoon in with with a few ounces of water every morning and drink it. It breaks up the mucus for me and helps me to breath easier.

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Things that have worked for my allergies #3 Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

It is said that chronic allergies are caused by the overgrowth of candida albicans. While I think some of that is true I also believe environmental factors around us everywhere also contribute.
The air we breathe at home and work. Wind, rain and pollen also make a difference.

Things that have worked for my allergies 

#4 Lavender Essential Oil

Again I didn't purchase a high grade essential oil here but a good quality one from the health food store. I frequently use a couple drops on my chest along with coconut oil and rub it around. Also I dab a drop under my nose with some coconut oil. It helps me to rest and often times calms me when I have an asthma attack. My asthma is caused from allergies.

You can also diffuse it in a room.

Things that have worked for my allergies #5 

Using a good quality probiotic has made a big difference in the amount of flair ups I have. The probiotics put good bacteria back in our guts and help our body to heal itself.

You can find a good quality one at any health food store. I prefer ones that have to be refrigerated but that doesn't mean they are necessarily better.

Bottom line is that there are simple and affordable things out there that with some patience you can get some relief.

Please remember this post is for informational purposes only and not to diagnose, prevent or treat any illness. I'm not your doctor, your mother or your lawyer.

Use caution with these products and always consult a medical professional.

If there is something more that has helped you please email me I'd love to know.

 May You Breathe Easier


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  1. This could not have come at a better time! I was taking Allegra all last season but I hate putting chemicals into my body every day and I really felt like they were affecting my sleeping and my heart rate. I've been trying a homeopathic tablet but I'm not sure it's doing anything. I'm going to try the peppermint oil next - thank you!!!

  2. Extremely interesting post.
    Have a happy weekend!
    Connie :)

  3. Thank you! I have Chronic Systemic Yeast Overgrowth, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and have horrible year round allergies. Some of these things I already do but will be trying the others as well. :)

    1. Debbie you're welcome. Please let me know how they work for you.

  4. A couple in my family suffer from chronic allergies. I suffer from seasonal allergies but my youngest son suffers from chronic allergies year round. I love using Lavender and Peppermint oils. My son still struggles a lot though. I really think the next step with him is to change his diet. Maybe he has candida issues? This is a great post and at a great time of the year with spring right around the corner (my worst season w/allergies!) And thanks so much for hosting this linkup ~Mendedandblended.com

    1. Amanda I'm glad this can be of help. I'm sure I have candida issues too.

  5. I'm not bothered with allergies much but our son and some of the grands do..so glad you found these things to help you.

  6. I really don't have much trouble in the way of allergies but these do sound helpful. I'm glad they work for you. Thanks for sharing and have a lovely day.


  7. YES YES YES!! Every time I hear my coworkers complaining about allergies I just want to throw them my bottle of peppermint oil!

  8. I can't say enough about adding probiotics to my daily intake. I only wish I had known about the benefits when I was younger. Stomach problems have been an issue since infancy, with severe pain in my teens to twenties. Adding a good quality probiotic has made a huge difference.

  9. I know essential oils can be very expensive even if they are only stored in small bottled containers. They are effective anyway. I love the smell of peppermint and the way it feels when it's rubbed across my forehead.

  10. I love learning about natural alternatives, so this article was such a wonderful and helpful read! I'm going to try the suggestions that you offered for my family - we all have allergies. My husband's allergies are the worst of the four of us, and his asthma worsens exponentially when his allergies flair (this time of year the nebulizer is his new best friend). I've got all of the items you mentioned on hand - so it's simply a matter of using them in the ways suggested. Thank you for sharing what works for you -- I'm sure they will be helpful to many people (my family included).

  11. These are all SUPER great ideas. I make a mixture of doTERRA peppermint, lemon and lavender (Sometimes I leave the lavender out) and breathe them in. Will be diffusing peppermint and lemon today for my daughter who has a sinus infection.

    I also oil pull with coconut oil or sesame seed oil (not as yummy) We will be trying out your other ideas today.

  12. My kids struggle with allergies every single year, especially during the spring and the fall. I've also recently found great success using essential oils to help them. WE use a combination of Lemon, Lavender and Peppermint and it has worked wonders!

  13. I get such bad allegies around this time of year every single year, it sucks! I will definitely have to try some of these ideas out! I love the idea of using natural things to help!

  14. These are such great natural remedies! I have allergies pretty much year round too, and I try to use as many natural ways to deal with them. I do resort to meds at night, but can't take them during the day because they make me loopy!

  15. I suffer from allergies all year round and didn't know any of these remedies! Right now Im going through a week long episode with no sign of it clearing up. I have to give one of these a try!

  16. I actually suffer sporadically from allergies, but when they flare up I use every single one of these! I also make sure to use my Neti Pot at least 2-3x a week.

  17. When I 1st visited Europe in spring, I found out that I had allergies to pollen and my eyes won't stop itching. Your tips here really help a lot and I have done a few already back then!


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