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Come Home to the Country Fall Home Tour - Kelly in Pennsylvania - Guest Post

Welcome back to another holiday home tour . Today we are visiting my friend Kelly at Simple Life Mom.  Kelly is an all-natural mom who is always looking for ways to keep her life simple and healthy.


Hi, I'm Kelly, the Simple Life Mom, who has always wanted to live in the Mountains. I can't complain, I've been blessed to live in the rolling hills of Western Pennsylvania. No, I'd don't have acres and woods (my dream land). I live in the suburbs.


Like many of you, I do a LOT with what I have and do my best to make it beautiful. 


I have a wonderful husband who lets me do pretty much anything I want with it (within reason), and great children who don't mind turning compost and weeding in my garden...well, they like to pick everything that's ready to eat from my garden, which is almost as good when you're trying to get kids to enjoy a variety of raw vegetables.

 Some pics. of her gardens.

What I love the most about my house is that it is small. I'm not joking either. We used to live in an amazing one hundred year old home with ten foot ceilings and beautiful woodwork. Talk about beauty for the holidays! But it was so much work! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very hard worker. But I want to be with my family as much as possible, baking, playing games, and enjoying their company, not cleaning and fixing broken things, cleaning (did I mention cleaning?). So I LOVE that we have a little house that's just right for us now. Yes, woods out back would be awesome, but we're very happy.

People say that they feel very comfortable, relaxed, and welcomed into my home. This pleases me more than anything. When it comes to general decoration, my husband is actually the one who makes the decisions. Have you ever heard of such a thing?? He's very good at deciding what goes good where and what a room may need. I do have to put my influence in a little, otherwise our house we be all dark leather and wood.  He doesn't participate in any holiday decorating. That's my area, but he will give his final approval, LOL!


Our home is about 60 years old. We moved in after the original owners. Everything was in wonderful condition, but very outdated. We pulled up all the carpets and were very happy with beautiful wood floors hiding underneath. We have put in all new light fixtures, painted every room, and have installed can lights in the living room area to brighten it up.

Every Fall, my chrysanthemums and other perennials give the front of my house bright and variant colors. I'm not one to choose one set of colors when it comes to flowers. Instead, the more the merrier. I like the slightly wild look that perennials give as well.  As the kids get older, we have less paper turkeys, but our pressed leaves just become more sophisticated like the lighted vase glowing with pressed leaves. 


Our paints are mostly earth toned with a dark red kitchen, desert brown dining room and bathroom, and olive green living room and bedroom. This seems to make it easy to decorate for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and I think it adds to the warmth of the home as well.


Kelly also has many rabbits and makes her own homemade soaps.

Make sure to stop in and check out all of her fabulous recipes for homemade cleaners and essential oil blends.

Kelly thank you for sharing your Fall holiday home with us.

For more home tours go here.

Check back in every Saturday evening for a new home tour.

Happy Fall,


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  1. We actually have a lot of rabbits :-) Thank you so much for featuring my home. It was a lot of fun putting this together.

  2. Nice tour! Nice to know that you have made the transition to smaller and you are happy. We live in one of those old houses with 10 foot ceilings and it is getting to be too much work. We hope to find our perfect smaller home.

  3. I just found you on Twitter ( I'm @BG_Garden) Great to connect with you. I Love what you are sharing on social and your blog is inspiring. I LOVE IT! I hope we can connect. This is a very cute home tour and I've always wanted to make my own soap.

  4. What a lovely home. Love all the splashes of fall color!

  5. Lovely fall colour and that bunny is too cute! Thanks for sharing.

    Autumn blessings,

  6. I am so happy I visited Kellyl's home and was allowed to take the tour. What a lovely home. I live in the eastern part of Pennsylvania. We love living in PA.

  7. That rabbit needs to get out and stretch his legs a bit.

  8. Your home and garden are lovely! Love your fall decorations too - your chrysanthemums are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this post with the Hearth and Soul Hop.

  9. I love that lantern! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  10. Nice decorations see you are ready for fall!

  11. I love her cute cozy place! I bet you those homemade soaps are amazing and I love the mason jar lights!

  12. Wow how pretty and unique!! I love the bunnies, makes me miss mine! I love tour posts, thanks for sharing!

  13. Such a cute and cozy place. I love smaller houses as well, for the same reason. Less upkeep and maintenance, and more quality time with family. Thanks for the virtual tour Kelly :)

  14. Lovely home. All the flowers are so pretty. I wish I could grow stuff.

  15. This home is so cozy and warm-feeling! I love all the things she's done to make it beautiful

  16. Gorgeous chrysanthemums! I'm definitely jealous of her vegetable garden. My mom's homegrown veggies are one of the things I miss most now that I've moved to the city.

  17. Those lights are adorable! I think I'm going to try to make lights like that with my mason jars! Wish me luck!

  18. A very fun and pretty tour. I love fall decorations and pumpkins.

  19. Your home looks very warm and inviting! Did you decorate all by yourself? I love those cute dolls and your bunny 😍

  20. Everything looks nice adorable and cozy here. I think no matter where you live you can make it into a home.

  21. What a lovely home she has! And glad to know that she does so many DIY stuff and make her own soap. Thanks for introducing Kelly to us and have a wonderful weekend Valerie!
    XOXO Ana

  22. Loving the fall decor. Great read

  23. Such a beautiful home .I lI've how colourful the garden is.Cleaning takes up a lot of time for big Hones. Great tour Valerie

  24. Omg too cute!!!!! Just loving the decor!!!!


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