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Everything Is Coming Up Roses


Flooding rains, tornadoes, escaped's been an interesting 16 hours in Oklahoma, With all of the rain our roses are putting our record number blooms here on the farm. 


I can't even decide which color is my favorite. They are all so beautiful.

Even a few I thought that had died in last years drought are blooming away.

Ah, the wonders of nature.

The tornado hit our county big time but the good news for us is that we live on the opposite side of the county so we are safe.

Our farm is flooded big time. The water though is outside. I walked to the garden and sunk in almost 6 inches and it ate my flip flop.

After some pulling I was able to get it out.

The even more interesting news it that we have 4 more days of rain and 2 more days of severe tornado threats ugh.

Staring out the roses though keep us smiling.

What's happening weather wise where you are?

Any blooms yet?

Hugs from Oklahoma,


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  1. Holy Moley, girl...I saw all this on the news this morning...did they get all the tigers gathered up...? whew...what a shock that would be..walk out, get your flip flop eaten by the mud and look up and see a tiger. great balls of fire......

    1. Jean, Yes they got the tigers fairly quickly lol. Everyone joked it's like Tigernado here.

  2. Your roses are beautiful! We live on the Kansas/Oklahoma border. Our sirens went off for 16 straight minutes last night but thankfully all we had was a little rain. We are 60 miles south of Wichita so are in that corridor for more bad weather. Stay safe.

  3. I am just across the border from you,Texas, and we are getting the same thing. I have had some of the prettiest roses ever this year but no more.

  4. Pretty pictures. Our roses don't come up until June.Thanks for sharing on Pink Saturday!

  5. Your blooms are just beautiful! So colourful and gorgeous! It is summer here (Australia) my roses are finished for now. It has been super hot!

  6. I absolutely love roses. They bloom moat wonderfully.
    Glad you shared these

  7. What pretty roses!

    I was in Oklahoma for 5 years. My husband is in the military so we're always moving around. We live in Texas now, but I enjoyed Oklahoma. I remember those tornadoes!

  8. Well, we got about 10 inches of snow last night. I love roses; we have a bush of pink off our deck. I, however, am not allowed to touch them because I kill plants.

  9. I am in Texas, its been rainy and cold! I wish it was spring when the spring blooms. Beautiful photos of the roses (:

    Isaly Holland

  10. These are lovely roses! My grandpa Lashlee could grow anything any where,in any temperature. He would love these roses!

  11. The roses are totally gorgeous and love that after the incredible weather the roses have bloomed

  12. Your flowers are beautiful. I'm sorry you are dealing with that crazy weather. Here in Phoenix it's a lovely 70 degrees - which is too cold for me!

  13. Eh. We're getting slammed with snow these days. LOTS of it. My flowers can't even survive indoors anymore. Lol.

  14. Yikes! That sounds really scary. I'm glad you were ok. Those flowers are beautiful. Nature is wonderful indeed.

  15. Glad that you and your family are okay. Natural disasters are the ones we can't control, and as human all we have to learn is how to survive and learn to strengthen our resilience.

    On a brighter side, it is always a new day :)

  16. Glad that you and your family are okay. Natural disasters are the ones we can't control, and as human all we have to learn is how to survive and learn to strengthen our resilience.

    On a brighter side, it is always a new day :)

  17. I do not have a green thumb. I enjoy having live plants in outhouse but I don't have much luck keeping them alive.

  18. Wow, those are beautiful roses. Weather here is very cold. Temperatures are in sub zeros.

  19. Weather wise, it is freezing here in Illinois! I would love to go somewhere without snow. Thank you for sharing this post, I love the pics, it made my day seem less cold. xoxo!

  20. I actually tried doing this with my veggie scraps a while back and they grew nicely, but once I planted them, they died. I think it was because the soil wasn't fresh, so I'll have to try this again!


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