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Why We Chose Goats for Our Farm


Why hello there Buttercup. She's our official greeter. I know all the rage right now is chickens for us it's all about the goats.

                                                                     Dolly and Buster

Besides wanting goats for pets we also knew that we have a lot of land to maintain and a lot of clearing to do.  Goats are great for eating your grass and clearing difficult areas. 


For now we have 4 goats, 2 boys and 2 girls. Our goat of choice for now is the Pygmy goat.  Pygmy's are a miniature style goat that doesn't get too big and are great pets.  We are saving a fortune in gasoline by using goats as much as we can to keep our land clear. Later this year we hope to add a milk goat.

                                                                Harley and Buster

Before you shake your head and say no, or think that you don't live in an area that allows goats, consider a few things. 

1. You can borrow a goat for a few days.

2. You can rent a goat to do some clearing.

3. Many urban and suburban areas are now not only allowing chickens but also goats. You can get your own goat.

12 benefits of owning goats are:

* They are an affordable way to maintain your property

* Goats are green living at it's finest. Think of all the fumes not going in the air and fumes you and your family aren't inhaling.

* Goats produce great manure for your gardens, both veggie and flower.

* Goats make great pets. Goats love attention and love kids. 

* Goats are great live composters.  Reduce your waste.

* Goats are just plain fun. After a difficult day nothing will keep you smiling quite like the goats.

* Goats can be trained to pull wagon carts and actually earn their keep around the farm or your home. 

* Goats can produce high quality milk for your family while being rich in nutrients.

* Goats milk also make great soaps and lotions which are great for your skin. 

* You can sell goats milk in some areas to people who can't digest cows milk.

* You can also sell goats milk to other goat owners who aren't producing milk for their young.

* Some people enjoy raising goats for their cashmere.
So I'm curious, would you ever consider getting goats?

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  1. They are adorable. I love how they can cut the weed and grass. Why is it that they get a little territorial sometimes? We went to Alps for three weeks, and on some of our hikes we encountered a herd and there often seemed to be one that would leave the rest to approach us strangers.

  2. Rent-a-goat? Hey, that'd make a great small business! ;0)
    Thanks for sharing your outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  3. We had two pet goats years ago and they were a lot of fun. We haven't any at the moment, maybe I should consider getting a couple again!

  4. We've had goats for several years, but this past winter was our first time with baby goats born on the farm! That was a rush. We've loved watching them grow. :)

  5. Awesome,goats are on out buying list


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