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Went Thrifting, Loved Saving

And so it begins, Happy New Year. We've been busy the last few days working hard around the farm after a fun day out with some friends. The mall after Christmas is a nightmare. Lunch, Bass Pro, and the mall and I was wiped out. 

I've so been wanting to show you some fabulous thrift shop finds I found in the city. I really haven't replaced most of my linens since the house fire because I wanted to replace them as I decorated the farm so I'd have the colors to go along with my color scheme.

I went to my favorite thrift shop and scoured the linen section and there it was a Pink Laura Ashley bed skirt for my bedroom. I was ecstatic. Bargain price of $4.99. Yep, someone else's cast-off's are my pride and joy. Thank You sweet person for throwing out your pink bed skirt. You saved me a small fortune in buying a new one.

I washed it and hung it on the clothesline to dry. I won't put it on the bed until the floors are done which seem to be taking forever. The water is frozen at the farm so we are just waiting. Don't want to be staining floors with no access to water.

I found a few other great deals that day too. A couple of my favorites are from Pottery Barn.              

The down side is when I got to the register we couldn't find the tag so they charged me $2 more and when I got home to put it in the washer the tag was folded inside of it. I'm still not complaining for $6.99 it isn't a bad deal at all.


I also found these adorable full length curtains. They will look great paired along with the pottery barn curtains in the new kids guest room


My grand total was $14 and some change. Not bad at all.

So what are you up to for the New Year?

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  1. you got some great things! The new year, just the same ole same ole- you know resolutions to exercise, eat better, organize, do everything perfect :)

    happy new year to you!

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  3. It is so fun to find what you can use.I love thrift shop can't go I have so much things now
    HPS Laura

  4. You had some great finds!

    Happy New Year

  5. I have found some great linens at the thrift shops for a fraction of the retail cost! Way to go!!

  6. Love the bed skirt! So fun when you find something that is just perfect for your home. Can't wait to see it and the curtains when you have them in the rooms. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. I used to work at a Laura Ashley so many years ago. I still LA things in thrift shops and it always makes me smile. I love thrifting, too, but I haven't been lately.

  8. Anytime I can save money I jump in with both feet! Good for you!

  9. Crazy good deals you got! I LOVE thrift store shopping! Last time I visited a local thrift shop I left with a bunch of new outfits, high quality brands I could not otherwise afford. One of the tops I got was over 100 regularly and I got it for under 5 dollars! I wear it all the time and even in fashion blog posts LOL
    Wish we could shop together.

  10. Gosh I never find anything good at thrift stores. I need to find some new ones! For New Year's...let's see... well, I quit my job. A good thing! So now I'm volunteering and taking my time to find the right thing. I know it will come.

    I am glad things are coming along for you all and hope those floors get finished soon!

  11. I have a confession - thrifting is so much work and I have never really done it right I dont think. I think I need a pro like you to help me through it. I feel like I never find any thing good.

  12. I love the deals that you are getting - I can never find any deals like that where I shop. I sigh and pay the price. Our malls and stores when we shop are always busy - we go on the weekends and the stores are always mobbed, so we shop quickly, and then escape the crowds - with the little ones shopping is not a fun activity right now.

  13. You were able to find some good deals. I recently went shopping at Once Upon a Child for an weekend deal event and I scored well also. I got over $100 worth of items for $20. I was hooked, the kids got a ton of clothes and even some educational items during my trip.

  14. Bass Pro is one of my husband's and kids' favorite place to shop! I can handle it for a little while and then I'm ready to get out of there, though they do have a lot of neat stuff! You found some awesome deals at the Thrift Store! I rarely stumble upon anything quite that good.

  15. It looks like you found some really great deals! I've never been thrift shopping - I've been to a few flea markets, but that's about it! It seems like a lot of fun. I love finding good deals, it is very addicting!


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