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Our Thanksgiving

I can't believe Thanksgiving weekend is almost over. We've barely been back at the farm for a month and have projects going everywhere. Competing with the weather isn't easy.  This weekend was so busy and full of company, kids and all. This was our first Thanksgiving at the farm and it was great. 20 people showed up friends, family, neighbors and all. 

We ate outside. It was a bit nippy but still nice.  My kitchen sink and counter tops have yet to be installed but we still pulled off Thanksgiving

I was so busy cooking I didn't snap a picture until the evening when we have started a new tradition of taking the munchkins to the park to look at Christmas lights. This is the 2nd year we've done this.

You drive through the park and then get out and walk around. The playground was open which made the kids happy. Nothing like playing in the park in the dark with Christmas lights everywhere.

The little munchkins were enjoying posing here. They kept us rolling all day.  I pray our house will be done by Christmas. No Christmas trees here yet, I'm still waiting on the work to be done. 

How about you? Was it a great day?
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