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We Got 2 More Little Goats

Pygmy goats

Meet Buttercup and Ozzy. 2 more little pygmies I just couldn't resist at auction. 

Goats, Pygmy goats, baby goats

Even Mr.Wade couldn't resist little Ozzy. Isn't he cute? 2 months old and such an adorable baby.

Goats, Pygmy goats, baby goats

Buttercup (below) is our newest baby girl. We really need to grow our herd and quickly. Lots of land is needing cleared. The good news is they have plenty to eat. 

goats, pygmy goats, baby goats

We aren't quite sure if she's pregnant or just had a baby. That's the hard part of buying animals at auction, you don't have all the history. She's got quite the beard for a girl doesn't she?

Goats, pygmy goats, baby goats, goat houses

We think Ozzy thinks she's his new mommy. Not sure I should tell her otherwise. The only bad part is we forgot it would be pouring down rain today and had to think quickly to make another house for the new babies. 

Life is never boring on our farm.

How about you. Whatcha working on today?

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  1. UBP14 participant played with all your social media icons and liked, followed, joined and posted all that was available to me. Thanks for sharing some of your wonderful
    Buttercup and Ozzy.

  2. Awwwh the goat is so cute I would love to own a mini goat but I highly doubt they sell mini goats hehe I have a potbelly pig (:

  3. When we were younger we had two goats!! They are so adorable when they are little

  4. Oh they are both adorable, but little Ozzy is more cutey! I have no idea how to pet a goat, but seems like they are both manageable. Welcome home!

  5. Awww babies! I love them! I'm sure they're much bigger now. I need to take my son to a farm soon, I know he'd love to see the animals!

  6. The goats are adorable! My daughter would LOVE them.

  7. In our country home we have a few goats And my daughter loves playing with them.

  8. Aww they are so cute! I love animals and I really love goats but I live in the city so I'll just have to enjoy your pictures since I can't have any of my own.

  9. What adorableness is this! I grew up on a farm. The smell of the goats is still something that haunts me. I did think about raising them for milk, but remembered why my neighbors would hate me.

  10. Oh my god that tiny goat is a adorable. My in-laws raise goats and they seem like so much work. BUT look at that face omg. How big is lil Ozzie going to get?

  11. Aw! Buttercup and Ozzy are so cute! I'm sure they both would be keeping you occupied throughout the day!

  12. Your goats are so cute!!! What other animals do you have on your farm?

  13. Oh how adorable! My little boy loves farm yard animals.

  14. Awwwh, I am so jealous. I would love to have goats.

  15. They are so adorable. I only get to enjoy goats at our local petting zoo like place.


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