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Garden Update and A Backup Plan

The good news is we got a new upright freezer and we can actually see what's in it versus having to lift things up and move them around to see what's underneath. The downside we have only 4 bags of veggies and it's going to freeze tonight.

I'm ready for Spring vegetables. It's time for me to lose some weight.  Our purple cabbage is finally gaining some ground.

The peas burst out in the last few won't be too long before we have Mr.Wade's Pea Salad.

Even the Spinach is starting to burst out minus the few weeds and grass I need to pick out of the way.

It's going to freeze tonight and be cold cold tomorrow but that doesn't mean I don't have my compost pile ready to start churning.

Last year we had a freeze in late May, yes late May, in Oklahoma. It was awful!!! This year I am prepared. My bathroom is totally full of these egg cartons with lots of seeds of tomatoes, peppers, squash, and everything else. This way, if it does freeze I don't have to start at square one. No sirreee..... One portable heater is keeping my bathroom a nice 80 degrees round the clock to keep these babies growing.

We rescued my wish sign from in our garage where our house burned down and it just seemed fitting to put on the new freezer. Wishing for vegetables and all types of yummies from our garden to help us get healthy and thinner and get us through next Winter. 

How about all of you. Did you plant anything? Are you able to harvest anything yet?
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  1. We had big snowflakes this morning but they melted on impact.
    I have little tomatos growing in big planters that are too big to move indoors. So I covered them with sheets. If they do freeze, I've got more seeds and I start them tomorrow.
    Crazy weather :)

  2. Wow! You are committed to those plants! I got a sunburn yesterday digging in the dry earth and today i saw snowflakes here too. I was out running around in the dark with a flashlight in my mouth trying to save our little herb garden. Thankfully we hadn't planted any of our blooming plants. I hope the herbs make it! Your soil looks like ours so I knew we had to be near one another. I'm in west Texas


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