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Happy Easter From Our Home to Yours

It's been a bittersweet but wonderful weekend. I'm missing my family terribly and I know Mr.Wade is too. Our dog Jazzy was hit by a car over the weekend and it just broke our hearts.

Despite the sadness we still were able to smile some thanks to a wonderful pile of people who came to celebrate Jesus with us. It started out at church. Mr.Wade was the Easter bunny's helper.

Even baby Jayden was able to pick up a few things. (It's her first selfie)

Jacob kept us smiling.

The boys were obsessed with our dirt pile.  Tyson had his birthday today too, he's 6.

The kids mastered the art of patience waiting to hunt eggs at church. (Come on already)

Since the munchkins were so good at church the Easter Bunny stopped at the campgrounds too.

Bubbles, BBQ, Popsicles, Potato Salad, and chips made for a good day.

Jayden is growing up fast, she can sit up all by herself now.

Jacob learned to scale this old structure. He spent half the day in the air.

There were lots of hugs, lots of laughing, and lots of brainstorming about upcoming projects at the campgrounds.

I really hope my garden starts growing I need to lose alot of pounds. I'm going to start juicing again.

Mr.Wade loved the baby and is ready for us to start working on one.

Ahhh. It was one hot day.

There we go, she finally looked up at Aunt Valerie for a picture and said, "Aunt V you have got to get rid of this ugly carpet already.

We are hoping the rain around here will start to green things up a bit. I've really missed all the color we usually have around Easter.

So how about you. How was your Easter?
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  1. Hi Valerie, sweet pictures!
    Our Easters were fun. There were 19 at our home Saturday for egg hunting and dyeing and eating, church on Sunday and then Sunday evening to went our daughters inlaws, who are also friends of ours for more egg fun and eating.

    Hope you have a good week :)

  2. Excuse me.... it was Mr. Wade Cottontail; not just Mr. Wade for that weekend!!


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