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Adding New Life to a Super Tired Deck

The little metal house that came with our campgrounds is in need of much repair and came with this super large deck that was poorly constructed and a bit blah against the beige color of the house. It needs to come alive.

Not wanting to spend a bunch of money and trying to use much of what we already have I have been adding a bit of pizzazzz to our favorite outdoor hangout.

A few clearance flower pots and some geraniums and impatiens really help liven the place up.

I also divided the deck into sections....eating, conversation, and a kids play area.

As much as I don't like smoke, friends of ours do smoke so I store the ashtrays underneath this little table and give them their own little area to smoke...far away from me.

The kids love this little toy and it just doesn't spin worth a darn on the grass so it gets an entire are of the deck all to itself.

I'm tucking in pretty flowers everywhere I can.

I used to sell these cute little racks at my store years ago. We sold out of them and my dad recently gave one back to me..yippee. I'm thinking an ivy plant would look pretty here. What do you think?

When our burned house sold in the city I spent the the last few minutes I had there, forgoing other things, to dig up the iris bulbs that came from my grandmas house. They mean so much to me.

Now the deck still needs lots of work, lighting, outdoor art, and some more plants. The real challenge is that their are lots of kids, animals, and wind. So I'm curious any ideas?

An umbrella, more plants, outdoor art, white Christmas lights, some shutters for the windows and a wreath are all in the works.

Rugs, cushions, and pillows are out as the kids and animals will destroy them in minutes.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

How are your outdoor spaces shaping up?

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  1. Looks like you are really doing a great job sprucing up your deck. The flowers really brighten up everything, don't you think?
    My outdoor space just needs to have the pillows and seat covers cleaned and a few more pots with bright flowers in them.
    Being that I live in So CA we use the patio all year round and if we get rain I just put the pillows up and out of the rain.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Mary I bet it's so cool living in so cali. The weather year round must be great.

    2. Hi Valerie..your deck is decked out for some fun entertaining! ! I love freshening things up too. It was a long winter.

  2. Your deck is looking like the place to be with something for everyone....and the flowers are delightful. HPS Michelle

  3. Check out the spray paint section at your local big box store, they should carry some colors specifically for painting plastic. Great way to add color on the cheap. Love your deck, must be a wonderful place to chill.

  4. It looks lovely! And wonderful for spring AND Pink Saturday. Have a lovely week!

  5. Flowers do so much to brighten up a space! I am just starting to pull out the furniture and décor for our outdoor space. Usually wait until Mothers Day. It was so beautiful that I had to pull some things out for Easter Sunday. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. This looks terrific, Vicki! I just spent some time decorating our front porch! I do appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,

  7. My deck is in a sad state of affairs. I'll have to spruce it up with some of your tips. Thank you for sharing on Green Thumb Thursday.

  8. Already looks brighter and inviting. One step at a time over time and it will be perfect.

  9. Plants do indeed make it more inviting and warm almost instantly. It's fun to make your space your own!

  10. I'm trying again on a big computer, in case it's different. I love what you've done with the deck. it's very cheerful and easy to implement.

  11. Very pretty; I love what you're doing with it. All the pops of color really make a difference!

  12. What great, simple ways to spruce up the porch. Flowers go such a long way when revamping a space!


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