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Beginnings of a Beautiful Porch

Well now is just as good a time as any to jump in and start making my new porch a home.

I started out simple with two wicker chairs and an adorable little red wooden table I spray painted.

I'm thinking of some flour sack pillows with red letters on them, what do you think?

Then  I have this great shaded hanging plant,terribly hard to find, that I hung from above.

I have an adorable metal hanging I'd like to get up, but this brick is stubborn as heck, we've tried everything to get the anchors to stay in for the planters and nothing works,grrrrrrrrr.

Then I have this super cute bench I found on the side of the road, it's green, and I'm thinking red would be nice. Maybe I'll add a few cute pillows to really say welcome.

I have an old window I'd like to hang above it, same problem though with anchoring it in the brick.

Once I get these two things done I am going to pot herbs for my red plant stand and have the honey hang my welcome sign.

 For now this is a good start.

I also need to break out the Summer 4th of July decor, I can hardly wait.

Enjoy Your Time on the Porch,


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  1. Valerie, I love the beginning of your porch retreat. I like the idea of the sacks as cushions and I think they would look perfect. Hope you can get that old window hung as I think it would be such a great compliment to the whole look. Ann

  2. Could you contact a brick mason and ask him how to anchor something in that wall. An old window will great on the brick.


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