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Decorating a Houseboat

Happy Almost end of Summer friends. Long time no see....I know. I'm sorry. Our internet service on the farm is for the birds and with no library being open, during covid, we couldn't talk.  It's better now though so I had to share a fun project I did along w a friend this Summer. We decorated a houseboat. Now I've only been on 1 other houseboat, than this and it was so cool.  Long story short......met a new friend while we were at the lake. He is a grandpa who had his grandson along and he played along with both my kid and my friend's kid and the 2 guys were staying on this houseboat with so much potential. He gave us a tour and you know I just couldn't resist I had to offer to help. My friend and I went back down a few weeks later when he was gone and stayed on the boat and fixed it up all cute. First I'm going to show you the outside.  

He had a lot of what he needed to make the boat cute, and has an on again/off again girlfriend but they never got it done. He referred to it as a dump. Me I thought it was just too cute. So he had this little old wicker loveseat just thrown on the porch and these 2 chairs laying around and an old outdoor sofa, that another boaters dog chewed we just rearranged the furniture and moved the wicker bench over in front of his speed boats spot. Voila. What an improvement. While my friend was cleaning his room she found these outdoor carpet remnants so we we layed them down and it was a huge improvement.

One of the remnants we put under the wicker bench at the spot next to him where he parks his speed boat.

He had this oversize outdoor table so we put it behind to act as a sofa table and to stand around with drinks when you are getting off the boat.

The outdoor fireplace doubles as a table where you can not set your drinks, eat a meal and play games. A few trays and cards and voila super cute and functional.

Some thrift shop pillows, a thrifted sheet and a cute thrifted blanket and we saved the outdoor sofa. Who knew a dog ever chewed it.

My friend even had her little girl do a mermaid themed puzzle and we added some cute rubber swim toys for added atmosphere and fun for the kids.

 Wow just stepping on the patio of the boat and it's a huge improvement. The drink fridge is behind and works great. We even stocked it with water and sweet tea. You gotta have sweet tea at the lake. It's hard to see in the window to the left of the door but I sent a bunch of pics and signs to my friend and she turned them into collages at Walgreens and we hung them up. Now when you walk up to the boat it's super cute. In the evening you can see the colored lights that line the patio. We were wanting to have some vinyl that has a cute lake saying made to put on the door so as you walk in you are greeted. It's so much better than the bachelor pad it started as. I think a little romance may be developing between my single friend and the We will see how it turns out. In a few days, I will share with you the inside. It turned out super cute. My friend has the best thrift shop near her house's the best in the greater OKC area. That helped make this project more affordable.  

So what have you been doing all Summer?

Happy Decorating, 


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  1. Omg girl, so happy to see your post and find you well. You did a super cute transformation! Dont ya just love making something from nothing? Thank goodness for thriftstores right? A house boat though super fun right? Never been on one. Go figure and I live right on the water. Thinking about getting a secondhand camper something I can do over and have fun with. I grew up on a lake in ct. And it was always fun lots to do. Hey don't forget to fill us in on the maybe romance

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