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8 Easy Spring Plants You Can Grow Almost Anywhere

It's hot!. I mean H....O....T

Slap yo momma (It's the name of a seasoning that's great on bbq. I promise.)

Get flipped off by the other drivers...

Get stuck at a red light  with 2 half dressed girls singing, "It's Getting Hot in Here So Take off All Your Clothes," at the top of their lungs... hot. ( It happens to me every year, I'm not kidding)

Yep, that's how we know flower season has arrived in Oklahoma.

It also means I enjoy staying home and enjoying the flowers all over the farm while the rest of the world loses it and walks around half-dressed.

So let's talk about drought tolerant flowers that you will totally enjoy year after year that won't break the bank and will make you smile....in your own little flower paradise.

Above we have the Knock-Out Rose Bush - It grows large and is fairly low maintenance, unless of course you are me and your goats keep eating them.😜 

Now yes it's a bush but it's a flowering bush so it counts.

Next, we have the Canna. It's beautiful, luscious- comes in multiple colors, blooms and multiplies.   

What's not to like.

Then we have a real exotic, color popping flower - the Asiatic Lily. It's a showpiece. Sip a margarita and just sit and enjoy her blooms. They really are that beautiful.

Moss Roses are just colorful and fun and if you are in Zone 7 or above they will come back year after year. I love that they spread and provide constant color.

A Sedum groundcover is never a bad investment. A lady put this out on the side of the road and I picked it up like 4 years ago and have done nothing but water it a few times a year.

Perhaps one of my favorites is Salvia. This is a great flower because it's pretty and for those of us who have a hard time with Lavender, this smells so good and looks pretty. It grows and comes back year after year in my pots.

I get so many compliments on them.
This one above I just planted and in a few weeks it will fill the pot.

The Tiger Lily is an excellent investment and if you can get a few bulbs from a friend or neighbor's garden, you will be set in a few years, if you keep dividing them. They are striking, colorful and hardy.

Last but not least, the flowering Forsythia bush. The yellow let's you know Spring is here. I keep trying to add to my collection every year. 

Nothings SCREAMS Spring like the color yellow.

These have already bloomed, sorry. 

My favorite season. 

Again, it's a bush but it has blooms and it signals the start of Spring so I included it.

Now if you have questions or ideas let me know. I'd love to hear what your favorite Spring flowers are.

I bought a fairly decent amount of plants on clearance for  whopping $28 that I need to get in the ground and am praying for more rain.

What have you been up to?

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  1. Lots of good ones here! I'm all about drought resistant plants since I take off for the cottage for two months in early July. It's not like it doesn't get water -- the neighbors help. But it always needs help! Good ideas, all!

    Thanks for coming by Marmelade Gypsy. It's always fun to see you there and I really love your comments.

  2. I need to add a few of these plants to my flower garden. I'm enjoying looking at my hydrangeas and roses right now.

  3. I kill most everything that I plant! I would love to have some flowers in the yard lol! I might have to try a few of these and see if I can keep them alive!

    1. Sweet lady some of these are kill proof. You just stick them in, water them and enjoy.

  4. I have to add a few of these plants to my garden. I haven't had much success in the past with rose bushes. I have to give The knock-out rose bush a try.

  5. Flower season is in full swing here and just getting started. Interesting with the girls and their song

  6. If I had the time, I'd totally love to grow some of these. I am loving the Moss Roses and Tiger Lily.

  7. I had such a hard time growing herbs outdoors in Texas. The heat dried them right up! Then I got mold while trying to grow them indoors.

  8. These are all so pretty! I might have to try some. I'm usually terrible with plants, but maybe I can keep these alive.

  9. We are always looking for things that are hard to kill. These look really easy to care for.

  10. I need things that grow almost anywhere and grow well with little intervention from me. Tiger lilies are so pretty!

  11. These are some great ideas for planting in the hot summer months. I love the Asiatic Lily and have used them before in my garden.

  12. I love growing plants but I most definitely do not have green fingers, I may have to try some of these ideas out myself though and see if I can get along with them seeing as they are easy.

  13. I love your list, as I have quite a few. You should see my forsythia! It is ridiculously HUGE wrapping around the whole corner of my yard. It blooms beautifully every Spring so I cannot cut it down, although it does need a trim. The Tiger Lily is one of my favorite....we had them all along the garage at my childhood home. I think I have some Asiatic lilies and sedum is new to my garden...it spreads! Besides the forsythia blooming, a sure sign of Spring is the Mock Orange tree blooming. It is gorgeous and smells heavenly. Great post!

  14. I love knockout roses. I have a few in my yard and they are absolutely beautiful plants.

  15. My husband plants salvia and I love it! Such a pop of lovely color in the yard. I also love tiger lilies but they've not done well for us.

  16. I have all of your suggestions in my own yard. I'm also a big fan of daisies and daylilies. I like anything that comes back on its own. Knockout roses are my favorite, too.

  17. I have plenty of asiatic lilies. I don't have a luck with canna, it always die on me, ugh.

  18. Such great suggestions, our flower box could definitely do with some TLC so might try some of these

  19. These are all such beautiful flowers, the bright colour of the Tiger Lily is very appealing to me! I hope I can grow something on my balcony

  20. These are some really amazing looking plants. I am horrible at keeping them alive but I would love to give it a go one more time.

  21. Unfortunately it’s winter now in Australia, so I can’t grow these amazing plants!!
    But as soon as spring comes, I’ll grow these plants in my balcony

  22. I may give one of these a try. I don't have a great record with growing plants but for some reason I keep trying.


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