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The Ultimate Guide to Spring Garden Ideas

Ladies and gentleman it's here....Spring. We finally had our first Spring rain...the Elm trees have buds and even my Irises are blooming a few weeks early this year.

It all means Spring has arrived. Now whether or not you've had the chance to get in your gardens yet you can still browse for some great new ideas to try.

I don't know if I've shared with you before but we live on a flower/vegetable farm. For garden ideas to catch my eye .....they really have to be out of the box ideas. 

The reason why ...... is because I look at garden ideas all day. I'm always looking for something that gives you a good bang for the buck and the older I get.... something that is easy.... and a good conversation piece.

Our Saturday linky party was full of really clever and fairly simple ideas that can really help you make your garden sparkle.

DIY Kids Felt Flower Box

Glue Sticks Blog never disappoints with her ideas. Who doesn't want to get kids in on the garden fun? This DIY Kids Felt Flower Box is a great way to let your kids garden and guarantee success.

My own "gourmet lettuce mix" of leftover seeds.

Oak Hill Farmstead has a simple tutorial on how to save leftover seeds. So say, you have big plans and don't get all of the seeds problem..Oak Hill Farm to the rescue.

Have a bunch of old junk laying around and wondering what you can do with it? No problem. I show you how to Garden in Old Containers. Go here for my tutorial.

Now this is one of my favorites. 

Gentle Joy Homemaker teaches you about how you need to rotate your crops. Most people plant the same thing year after year and don't understand the importance of moving things around. She teaches you what to do and why. 

The eye candy is nice too. Look at that trellis.

Gardening With Kids-Oh My Heartsie Girl

Oh My Heartsie Girl teaches you How to Garden with Kids in Containers.

So maybe you have a kid, grandkid, niece, nephew, neighbor, friend or kid you mentor that you've wanted to spend time with and teach them a lifelong skill. This is one that won't let you down. No yard needed.

Now this post really caught my eye. I haven't had much luck with blueberries.

 Powell River Books Blog Makes it so easy to transplant blueberries. Look they are even in cute containers.

If this doesn't work for me I'm not trying again.

Herb garden design - make a rustic herb garden with an old wheel! Plus instructions on making clothespin herb markers!

Now this was super cute and if you have just one project you'd like to try I encourage you to look at this.

It's a wagon wheel in a pot. 

Country Chic Cottage. She is always full of ideas over there. Now where to find a wagon wheel.

Now maybe now you are inspired to make your own blooms and get busy gardening. 

If you try any of these projects or another we'd love to hear from you and see what you do. Maybe you too will be featured. Come and link up every Saturday at our Simple Saturdays Linky Party. 

Now I just took 2 Ibuprofen, i'm so sore from working in the garden yesterday.

For more garden ideas Follow The Best of Cottage Making Mommy Pinterest Board here.

Want more planting and growing ideas? Go here.

What are you planting?

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  1. These are all great ideas! I love the wagon wheel idea...perfect for herbs. I won't be planting vegetables for lack of sun but I do hope to redo a flower garden that badly needs it.

  2. Thanks for sharing this great guide. I can't wait to start my garden. Running a little behind this year.

  3. My daughter LOVES to garden. She does it with my mother, since I don't grow stuff. I love those tulips. So pretty.

  4. I've re-potted geraniums that I started from cuttings last fall and overwintered in the cottage. It pretty wet and still too cold here to plant anything. The crocuses bloomed though, and my perennials are coming along nicely. Rotating crops is so essential, I'm surprised there are people who don't know to do that.

  5. You know, when you mentioned that you lived on a flower farm I had to have a little happy dance. I just planted a bunch of zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, hollyhocks, corn, beans and tomatoes. My dream is to grow flowers for sale like you:)

  6. I love to plant in containers and like your ideas for re-purposing junk around the house. The wagon wheel planter is also very cute - I'll have to keep my eye out for an old wheel!

  7. I find that there is something so rewarding about seeing something planted, actually GROW. Like really grow! into something remarkable! Sustainable food and/or something beautiful like flowers and plants! Great ideas here, I hope my thumb turns green soon!

  8. Great ideas in this post. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  9. I never tried gardening, since it really depresses me when a plant dies after I have planted it. But your garden is amazing and the tips are great. I think, I should try my hands at gardening one more time.

  10. Wonderful ideas for the garden, Valerie. I'm off to check out the link to containers. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  11. I cannot wait to plant my garden! My hubby made me a garden last year and we had a great time planting

  12. These are awesome. I really wish I knew how to garden. Everything I ever tried to plant dies on me lolol. I'll learn though!

  13. Oh Valerie, this post just makes my heart sing. I love the photos and there are some wonderful kinds of ideas. I really plant mostly in containers with an herb garden in ground and some perennials so I'm extra anxious for spring.

    Thanks for coming by Marmelade Gypsy and leaving such a nice comment. Lovely to see you again. And I just realized I wasn't subscribed to you so I'm taking care of that right now!

  14. I noticed the vegetables out at our local Walmart Neighborhood market this week, and it made me want to plant something! We did not have a garden last year, but we did the year before. I hope to have one again this year and plant some tomatoes and cucumbers!

  15. I think it's so important to teach kids how to take care of plants. It's like having them responsible for a pet growing up. Teaching them responsibilities and where their food comes from will add great value to their lives.

  16. Hi Valerie. What great ideas for gardening, especially with the kiddos. My grandson and I made a garden when he was about 4. It was so much fun and brought back memories when I gardened with my grandmother..Happy Spring to you..Judy

  17. These are great ideas. I have always wanted to start a garden. I'm not sure even where to start though. I don't do very well with flowers, but maybe with some teaching I can grown some veggies.

  18. Great post!! I love gardening but I'm not very good at it! The hardest part is designing it! I never look into the future and tend to over plant or plant shorter plants in the wrong place.

  19. Ah your post making me miss my Moms garden back home. Each weekend we tend to cultivate the soil for planting, and prepare new plants to transfer. It was fun! No phones or TV just gardening :) Glad your kids likes gardening too.

  20. For me it seemed like spring would never get here, especially since I dislike winter. I haven't embarked into gardening just yet however I love to see the verity of plants displayed elegantly.

  21. I participate in a lot of linkups for fashion bloggers. They're always such a great way to meet other bloggers and get ideas.

  22. Its spring and that means things are in bloom. I love the idea of getting kids involved with gardening. They will start young having a green thumb!

  23. I bet working in the garden can be such a good workout! It's a dream of mine to have a garden in our future backyard. Even though I've never planted a single thing successfully! I just love spring so much :)

  24. You really make gardening seem so enjoyable. Great ideas right here in this blog post! Thanks for sharing!

  25. these are awesome, and remind me of summers with my mom gardening - growing up and still living in NYC it's not something i get to do too much of :) But I secretly love it :) thanks so much for sharing, the pics are lovely. Please share it with the #trafficjamweekend if you like :)

  26. Some really great ideas....its hard for me to rotate because I only have full sun to growth tomatoes...and there's no where else to move them..but if i could..

  27. It is always indeed fun to do something with a partner, support and encourage kids makes it more fun. Soon for sure they will love to do gardening as much as you do.

  28. Those are all such inspirational and motivational ideas that you've featured, Valerie!

  29. I read this at the perfect time. I want to learn about gardening and I want to start with container gardening. Thanks so much for the inspiration! -Monique

  30. Great ideas! WE are so ready for spring gardening here but because Colorado weather can be so crazy we usually wait until Mother's day to do anything big

  31. Great gardening tips! Wish I had a backyard to implement them all, well hopefully soon!

    xx, Kusum |

  32. Well, I don't exactly have a garden here in Istanbul, but if I did, I'd be all over this!

  33. I love these blog suggestions. I added to my Flip Magazine so I can follow them when I have more time.

  34. Love this roundup! Your garden in old containers post is great. Found you at Simple Saturdays, thanks for sharing!


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