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Bring in Spring - Decor Ideas

Add rustic farmhouse decor to your home indoors and out! See how the same metal farmhouse chairs are used in both places to create a rustic look!

Well hello there .....Spring. It's been a long time. We've missed you. I can't remember a time I've been more ready for nice weather to appear than this year. It's not that our Winter was rough, because it wasn't. It's because I love color and plants and there isn't much going on with that during Jan. and Feb. out here.

So it's time to bring in the Spring.

Every week we have a spectacularly ( yes, that's a real word) fun linky party. People link up from all over the world and share their ideas on homemaking, homesteading and home decor and this last week you could tell people were in the mood for Spring.

Never wanting to disappoint my friends I decided to share with you some of the coolest projects my buddies came up with that are so easy any one of you can do too.

The picture above that's what my friend Angie did over at Country Chic Cottage. The woman is a genius. She shows you how to add rustic farmhouse decor ...get this....inside and out.

This too cute screen door makeover my friend Lisa did at Sweet Tea N Salty Air. She never disappoints. You really should go by and say hello and tell her I sent you. If you are lucky she will have a pitcher of sweet tea all ready for you.

DIY professional picnic table

This DIY Picnic Table my new friends Ash and Eileen at Just Measuring Up made all by themselves. Can't you see the fun bbq's in the future?

how to make coaster using fabric / grillo designs

 Who knew you could use tart pans for more than tarts? Now seriously if you have any of these in your cabinets and they've been sitting there since the one time you actually used them ....pull them out and make these. The possibilities are endless. You could do any color. 
Go see them over at Grillo-Designs. I have got to meet these people.

Now you know what I love about Debbie? She lives in an area where it snows. A lot. So when she can't have a fairy garden outside, yet.......she just makes her own inside. I'm telling you.... Debbie has a solution for everything. Go tour her place at Debbie-DabbleBlog. You will love her little back patio and yard. 

You didn't think I 'd not show you what I'm up to around here did you? I have this super cute old trough I turned into my own little planter. I couldn't stand to throw out my favorite red plates from my house fire and they were broken so I made use of them in the garden. In fact I garden in all types of containers around here. You should go and look at them and tell me what you think You can find them here.

For more Spring Inspiration Follow my Best of Cottage Making Mommy Pinterest Board here.

Want more Spring and DIY inspration? Go here.
So this is my Spring inspiration for around the house this year. Tell you think you might try and of them? If not, what do you have going on at your place?

I'd love to hear.

Happy Spring,


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  1. The DIY picnic table looks amazing! Do they also have step by step tutorials?

  2. I love that you have a link up party each week for Spring home decor! That must be really inspiring! I wish that I was that creative. Love the photos!

    Beth ||

  3. Having a fun link up party every week is an amazing thing! I liked all the decor ideas. But I loved the picnic table.


  4. I love all this decor. I've always wanted a picnic table. That's a cool screen door too!

  5. I love the way you decorated the deck. I have to spruce mine up. I'm thinking some chairs, a small table, lights, plants and pillows would do the trick.

  6. Love that DIY picnic table! Once we have a backyard of our own, I know picnic table and other lawn furniture are on a list of must-haves!

  7. I love Angie's Country Chic Cottage so much! And those tart pans are just so adorable!

  8. I really do like those tart pans. I would never have thought of using them that way. And I do like the trough planter as well.

  9. I love all the spring decor you showcased. I'm on the hunt for an outside table and chairs for spring and summer!

  10. Love those ideas. The cushions are something i would love to have.

  11. I love all these ideas. I've tart pan sitting in my cabinet for a long time. Can't wait to use it now and add some Spring vibes in my decor. Thanks Valerie for the inspiration!

  12. The tart pans idea is really cleaver and cute. Not to mention the amount of money you save!

  13. I love the look of those chairs in the very first picture there. They make me happy. Too soon for me to start decorating. Our snow just disappeared and we are heavy on the rain right now. Soon though. I look forward to it for sure.

  14. Lots of good ideas in this post. Have a blessed evening and a wonderful weekend. Madeline

  15. Fun pictures... spring is such a blessing. :)


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