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6 Super Fun Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

There's a smokin hot chance each of us will be eating, wearing or decorating something green very soon. In fact, I'd bank on it.

I love the option of pinching my hubby throughout the day.....even though he pinches me whether I wear green or not. Silly man.

Decking out the house, making some super yummy green food and picking out a fun green outfit is always on my list.

My hubby is Irish and my grandpa planned the first Day St. Patrick's Day Parade in OKC so we have a long standing tradition of making the most of the day. Who knew I'd marry an Irish/English man?

Now if you want to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and have fun and make it easy, you will want to check out these fun ideas I put together here for you.

Get your green on.


You will definitely want to try this Bailey's Chocolate Cream Pie from Marilyn at Marilyn's Treats.

Debbie never disappoints with her seasonal tree. Look at this one she made for St.Patrick's Day. You could do this too. 


If you really want to go all out and make some crafts check out Amy's over sized Shamrock and banner.

 Cecilia always has the cutest and most simple, yet stunning, crafts for the holidays. Isn't this the cutest vignette ever?

15 minute mini pennant banner

Now if you want to be frugal and pack a lot of punch check out my dollar store Shamrock crafts.

It wouldn't be a holiday if we couldn't eat chocolate. Lisa has the perfect M and M Mint Oreo Cookie Bars. Yep 3 sweets in one. 

Try your luck with one or all 6. Why not, it's a holiday and a reason to celebrate.

In case you've missed my other holiday post and crafts you will want to go here and here.

Now stop back by and tell me if you tried anything. 

Happy Early St. Patrick's Day to you,


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  1. All are fun and creative the chair on the wall and I also used a frog to hold my vintage irish postcard..

  2. Oh the baileys cream pie looks so tempting! I am in the mood for some more green. =)

  3. These are such fun ideas! I've never really gotten into St. Patricks Day before. I mean, the most I've celebrated it is in the classroom. Or with green beer at a bar. Hahhaha. These are cute ideas to get the home festive :)

  4. Omg all the decorations are adorable. I was thinking about doing this 5k that happens to have green beer at the end.

  5. These are fun ideas! i love decorating for St. Patrick's Day, probably because green is my favorite color!

    Beth ||

  6. These are some really cute and creative ideas. I especially love the banner.

  7. I was hoping to make corned beef and cabbage, but I think I need a different recipe. I think my husband would be happy with that dessert!

  8. I am not Irish but I decorate my home and yard every year for St. Patrick's Day. I always wear something green on that day. The decorations you showed are real cute. Have a blessed day and a wonderful week. Madeline

  9. Great ideas for those who like to go all out decorating for St. Patrick's Day!
    Tasty treats and home decor would likely be a sure hit this year. I would recommend
    this to anyone looking for decorating tips or recipe ideas

  10. Sometimes I wish I were Irish! Very cute ideas!

  11. That hanging shamrock craft is super cute! I usually never really celebrate St. Patrick's day. I feel like it's not really celebrated here in America, well unless you marry an Irish man. Hahah

  12. I need that giant cookie looking pie. hahah !! These a great for st. Pattys

  13. The Bailey's cream pie looks amazing. I am going to have to try that out. Your decorations look really cute. I wish I had my daughter this year for St. Patrick's Day but she is with her mother. I know she would have a blast decorating.

  14. The Baileys pie and the Christmas tree are my favorite!! You're so creative. Enjoy the 17th.

  15. You've shared such great St. Patrick's Day ideas, Valerie!
    Thank you for your visit to my latest post. Happy St. Patrick's day week! ☘

  16. I love these. They are some super cute ideas. I typically don't decorate for St Patrick's Day, but we just recently did our DNA test, and discovered we a big amount Irish. So, maybe it's time to start celebrate.

  17. I love green and I guess I would enjoy St Patrick Festival too if only have here in Manila.

    So St. Patrick is eco-friendly, am I right?

  18. Totally love that St. Patrick's Day is full of gold, glitter and rainbows! I love decorating with that theme... and of course, the green! The ideas you rounded up are fabulous.

  19. Great ideas. I love all of the creative recipes and decorations. My kids love this holiday because of all of the rainbows. Fun round up

  20. These are so fun! The banner is def something I need to learn how to diy!

  21. Definitely some fun ideas for the St. paddy's day. From treats to styling decor. Have a great week.

  22. You have some great ideas on here for having a super special St. Patricks Day! I was immediately drawn to the chocolate cream pie. Looks so yummy! I like all the decorations above the fireplace as well.

  23. I love your ideas for decorating and celebrating the holiday. I have never done much decorating for St. Patricks Day but it does sound like fun. When I was a kid living in a strong Irish neighborhood we would celebrate to no end but these days in Iowa there doesn't seem to be much celebrating for us. I may have to do a little more inside to bring back some of the fun, thanks for the inspiration!

  24. My kids have been bugging me for weeks to do St.Patty's Day crafts, and I'm not even really into it, lol! It's one holiday that for some reason I'm not super passionate about, which is off because it's such a fun and festive holiday!

  25. All six of these look fun. I will have to pick a few to do with my little guy. I think he will enjoy the second and last ones the most.

  26. Wow so many very cool St. Patricks day ideas. It definitely is a day that offers so much fun things to do. I'm from Boston which I think has the biggest celebrations probably outside of Ireland lol.

  27. Thanks so much for featuring my post!! And thanks for stopping by to visit too! I will be giving you a Shout Out on Google +, Face Book and in my next post!! Thanks again!!

  28. We do n't celebrate St.patricks day. all ideas look like real fun ideas. all decorations are adorable.


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