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How to Save a Fortune on Your Electric Bill in Winter

                                       Baby It's Cold Outside.

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It's Winter and it's cold and chances are your electric bill has already spiked and will for another 6 weeks unless you live in Australia and if you do .....we all want to come and visit you. Soon.

If you are like most of the rest of the world you are trying to not take out a 2nd mortgage when you write the check for your electric bill.

I visited with several friends and  we came up with some simple tips to help you cut your electric bill this Winter and still stay warm.

1. Put on more clothing and wear socks.  Now I know some of you want to crank it to 85 degrees and wear shorts but be practical's going to cost you a fortune so leave the thermostat at below 72 degrees and put on a pair of sweatpants and a sweatshirt and most importantly .....put on your socks.

2. Open your curtains on sunny days and let the sunshine in. I stay amazed at how many people think if you leave the heavy curtains on the windows in Winter it will keep it warm inside during the day.  You need to let the sunshine in during the day and close the heavy curtains when the sun goes down. It will keep your room warmer.

3. Zoned heating. No you don't need a fancy heat and air system you just need to close off rooms you don't use often enough during Winter. Yes you want to separate your kids into different areas but it's much more affordable to move everyone to one room during the day and let them cover up with blankets and make them hot cocoa and let them pile up together at night. Think of it as one on-going slumber party. It works with older kids and adults too. The more bodies in the room the warmer it gets.

4. Put plastic on window. Now some of you live in fancy neighborhoods and I get that it's not possible but some of you can at the very least buy some heavy duty plastic and duct tape in the hardware section of your local discount store and tape the plastic over the windows. This works very well for those of you with older windows.


5. Don't let people turn up your thermostat. That's right- buy a programmable one or put one of those lock boxes over it. I can't tell you how many times I've walked by and someone has jacked the thermostat up 8-10 degrees. That's a lot of money.

6. Get out the caulk gun and caulk. For $5.00 you can fix a lot of drafts around your windows and doors. If you see a crack, seal it. 
If it is too big of a crack fill it with that Great Stuff-foam.

7. Put on warm sheets. If you don't own a pair of flannel sheets you need some. You can find a King Size set for as low as $20 at a store like Ross or at JCPenney's during the Jan. White Sale.
Sleeping in warm sheets vs cold make a big difference.

8. Move. Don't just sit around and watch television and play on your phone or computer. Get up and clean and put the kids and other adults to work. Time to clean out those closets, scrub the bathroom, organize the linen closet, sort the name it get them moving doing it. It will keep their body temp. up and you get a clean house.

9. Buy an electric mattress pad or electric blanket. Now yes I realize the cancer risk but turn it on to warm it up and then jump in the bed and turn it off. It may do the trick.

Doing these or a even a few of these things should help you to lower your electric bill.

Last but not least call your electric company and have your meter checked. There have been cases where the meter was wrong.

If your company allows it see if you can go on an averaging plan so you aren't hit so hard at once.

Here's to saving money,


If you have more ideas please share them in the comments below.

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  1. Great suggestions, thanks Valerie! I literally just looked at the new hydro bill - ouch!! Have a great week!

  2. All the above items have been done in my home. Have a blessed day and a Happy Valentine's day. Madeline

  3. I would give you a #10 but you pretty much list them all and im jamiaca so the extreme cold like what your experiencing is no where close here the tropics is Ah-okay but im sorry about the light bill problem whew

  4. These are great ideas! I need to consider doing some of these. I mean, our bill isn't THAT high, but I wouldn't mind lowering it. We do have it set at 72 in the winter. Some people keep theirs at 68, but I just can't even with more clothes on. I'm one of those people who chill very easily.

  5. Great ideas. Thank you for posting them. I live in south florida so our bills is a tad cheaper in the winter since it doesnt get cold here!

  6. These are wonderful ideas. The footed pj's work wonders in the winter time.

  7. Thanks for sharing! There is definitely a few spots in my home where the draft comes in. I will take heed to all of your wonderful suggestions.

  8. I love your advice to move! That will certainly warm you up! I thought you were going to say "move to Florida"!

    Beth ||

  9. These are actually great ideas! I'll definitely try them to save a lot of money.

  10. Bahahhaah. It's like my husband told you to write this post for me. I'm always FREEZING and he hates when I turn up the heat. Because I always do it without trying to layer myself first or find other ways to get warm.

  11. We try our best to save money during the winter on heating however, we have a lot of old doors that let cold air find it's way in the house. I keep telling my husband we need to do something about it!!

  12. Thanks for sharing us these awesome tips. Those we don't have winter in the Philippines, but recently we feel the temperature dropped of 22celcius and it made me freezing! No electric fan for 3 days now :)

  13. These are some great tips and reminders on how to save some money this season. In terms of heating the house, make sure there is nothing in the way of the base board heaters blocking the heat from circulating in the rooms as well. We moved lots of toys out of the way in my son's room and it made a big difference

  14. Great tips. We keep our thermostat pretty low too. we just make sure everyone wears layers. Our bodies have kind of adjusted to it. lol Great ways to make sure we stay on budget in the winter months.

  15. These are very good tips. We dont worry about our heating bill here in Florida. But when its summer, look out!

  16. Putting plastic on the windows. Smart! That's actually a new one for me.

  17. I know a lot of people who put plastic on their windows to save money in the wintertime. And, opening the curtains is a good tip – nothing like the sun to warm a room up (and brighten the mood). I like the way flannel sheets feel (very cozy), but my sweetie acts like he's allergic to them.

  18. I was literally JUST complaining to my friend about our electric bill. We keep the heat pretty low and have plastic on the windows that give us the most headache, but our bill is still too high (in my opinion). I def need to implement a few more of these tricks.

  19. Winter can really take a toll on anyone's electric bill. Thanks for these tips! They're really helpful and hope it helps others too.

  20. Great suggestions, especially putting plastic on the windows. Had not thought of this one. The socks make a big difference as warm. Stay warm in the interim.

  21. I was giggling as I started to read your suggestions. I have all the blinds open now letting in heat. It's still a bit chilly here but it's easily fixed by letting in more sun. We have begun turning off the furnace every morning and finding other ways to cope because, yes, our bill went sky high.

  22. Sharing this on my Facebook, friend!


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