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Spicy Ranch Chicken Dinner in the Crock Pot

This is Good. I mean really good. The even better part is that it has bacon in it. I love bacon. Do you like bacon?

Who doesn't like throwing dinner in a pot and going about your day and coming home to a nice hot meal.

I know I do.

This dish contains so many of my favorites and it's so easy to make.

Take the stick of Real Butter and throw it in the bottom of the crock pot.

Add your boneless skinless chicken thighs/breasts. (totally depends on if you like white or dark meat)

Open 2 cans of diced potatoes and 2 cans of green beans (drain them all) and dump them in.

Now open your dry pack of Spicy Ranch Salad Dressing Mix.
  ( If you don't like spicy use the regular)

Now cut up 1 Green Bell Pepper into bite size pieces and throw it in on top.

Next you will need about 8 strips of cooked bacon. 
Just fry it up real quick and eat the leftovers.
See you can get dinner ready while making breakfast. Even better.

Drain your bacon and throw the pieces in on top of the bell peppers.

Now set your crock pot on high for a good 4-5 hours or if you are going to be gone all day you can cook it on low for 8 hours.

There you have it the prep time to get this ready is about 10 minutes of cooking bacon and chopping a bell pepper.

Serve it up with a dinner salad if you like and voila.

Dinner in a hurry so you can relax and enjoy time with your family and friends.

Happy Eating,


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  1. I do not own a crock pot but this recipe makes me want to go out and buy one. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  2. I love using my crock pot. We were just discussing today with some friends about how back in the 70's crockpots were popular but went out of favor, and now they're coming back. You're right. It's great to come home to a prepared meal after a busy day.

  3. The bacon did it for me, or maybe the dinner is done while eating breakfast! This sounds too easy. Thanks for sharing.

    Wishes for dishes,

  4. Tasty & Yummy. My husband would love this because he loves spicy foods so does my son but he'll need something to drink to go along with it, but we are very picky well I should say I am I'll probably substitute a few things or add in when done like the bacon and onions and stuff. I know I'm a pain, but thanks for this recipe. I love crock pots they are a life saver!

  5. This looks really yummy! I use my crockpot a lot as a single mom, it's so much easier coming home to having dinner made - and this one looks like it would be a crowd pleaser with my daughter! She's a big fan of red pepper so I'll probably substitute that for the green pepper. This will go on next week's menu!

  6. Theres always something good cooking in your kitchen Valerie, sounds yummy and super quick ....just what I need at this time of the year. Thanks for sharing Lisa@ Sweet Tea N' Salty Air

  7. I love crockpot recipes - makes it so convenient for me to toss things in in the morning and come back to a complete meal! This looks like a very comforting meal <3

  8. We just got a crockpot so we've been on Pinterest hunting for good crockpot recipes for the past few days. Lol. This post is right on time! Thanks for sharing.

  9. I love spicy foods so I'd enjoy this. I'm always eager to find new recipes for my crockpot so I'll have to make this one.

  10. That looks super easy and good! I will try it with the regular ranch. I have a teenager who does not like spicy :)

  11. This looks easy to do. Will definitely share with my wife

  12. Yes please!!! Bacon makes everything better. Thanks for this recipe.

  13. I love simple Crock Pot recipes. Bacon and spicy, you're singing my song. This looks great. Thanks for sharing.

  14. I love spicy food, and this would make for a lovely dinner. I have not made chicken in the crock pot because we bought it and have not used it...this post might change that.

  15. Oh, this sounds really tasty. Something my family would enjoy. I love cooking with my crock pot and am always searching online for new recipes to try. I'll be book marking this blog post for sure.

  16. I don't have a crock pot. But this recipe is so simple and light. Is it possible to make it without a crock pot?

  17. WEll I am a big baby when it comes to spicy food but this one I might just have to suck it up becuase YUM!! I know my husband would love it too. Plus it is made in a crockpot! YES!! Love recipes like that.

  18. First of all, I love new crockpot recipes. The Crockpot is a lifesaver in my house on busy nights. This looks really yummy - the ingredients and process are really straightforward. This would be a good go-to recipe!

  19. Yeah I could smell its goodness aross the globe! You are so good at cooking no wonder kids love it soo much :) Kudos Momma!

  20. I totally agree, throwing dinner into a pot and coming how to a meal is amazing. Crock pots are fantastic. Love the sound of this meal.

  21. This looks really good. My husband really likes trying different crockpot recipes, especially now that it's winter.

  22. I am always on the lookout for tried and true crockpot recipes, since our kids' schedule keeps us so busy. This Ranch Chicken recipe sounds so delicious! It doesn't hurt that it has bacon in it! :)

  23. I'm all about crock pot meals, especially during the winter. There is nothing better than coming home to a warm and delicious meal after a long day. And I especially like when chicken has a spicy kick to it!

  24. My kids aren't keen on chicken however, if I douse it with ranch dressing then they will gobble it up! This would be a winning recipe for them!

  25. When my godchildren have an issue with chicken, I just add a lot of bbq sauce. They seem to eat it up.

  26. This looks so good!! Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  27. I am loving this cook pot dishes as I love chicken and I love bacon. Thanks for the recipe


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