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Favorite Summer Potluck Recipes


Happy Summer. I know I know it's already nearing the end of July and I've been pretty quiet. There's a good reason for it and that is that our internet at the farm is for the birds. That's right the internet stinks. I'd love to post more and visit with you all more but it's been so hard with the internet so spotty.

My Niece

That being said the farm has been full all Summer with people, kids and animals. We have been cooking up a storm and having lots of pot luck suppers. Summer and potluck dinners just go together.

4th of July Festival

I have to share some of my favorite potluck recipes that are always a hit. Some are old and some are new but my friends love potlucks as much as I do so we just couldn't wait to share some great recipes with you.
A Mess of Boys

See all of the linked recipes for a smashing good recipe for your party.

Laurie's Baked Beans

Rick's Potatoes with White Sauce and Peas

Kelly's Stuffed Peppers

My Banana Pudding Poke Cake

Teri's Peach Basil Salsa

Laurie's Broccoli, Bacon and Cheese Salad

Kelly's Cucumber Cilantro Salad

Perfect Pasta Salad

You don't want to miss Danielle's Perfect Pasta Salad

We are certainly making these at our house this Summer.

For more cooking ideas go here.

Now please share with me....what have you been doing this Summer?

Glad to be back,


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  1. Oh, sounds like a lot of fun at your farm. Your little niece is so cute! I've looked at your recipes and my mouth is watering to make your banana pudding poke cake! Sounds so good and looks delish! Thank you for popping in to see me. I kinda go off on tangents and now I'm going crazy with miniatures!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Summers are my favorite season and all of those recipes look great!
    Thanks for the lovely visit to my blog and the nice comment on my crocheted potholders!
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. Thank you Valerie for all the goody recipes. The kids sure look like they are enjoying summer on the farm so far. So cute too. Thanks for your kind words to me and check back next week. I hope to have some finished projects to show..Have a wonderful weekend..Judy

  4. Sounds like you've been very busy. Thanks for stopping by my place. You'll love those Rice Krispie Treats. I just might be trying a couple of the recipes you just shared too!


  5. What a cutie. Oh my gosh. Great pictures.

    Sorry that your Internet has been spotty. That makes it hard to have fun online. Here's to it getting better.

    Happy Summer :-)

  6. Great fun with the kiddos. Those recipes sounds yummy and good. What fun to grow up on a farm. Love a good pasta salad. This summer, I help plan a baby shower. I have been designing 6 different blogs and blog tweaking. Time is flying by. Have a great weekend.

  7. What cute pics of all the kids, Valerie! The recipes all sound wonderful and perfect for summer! Your farm is a happy place!

  8. I'll have to skip Kelly's salad recipe. I'm one of those people that hate the taste of cilantro. However, those beans sound really good.

  9. Sounds just like a perfect summer. Happy Pink Saturday. I am so glad you joined us.

    This post is being featured on my Pink Saturday this week as "the one that caught my eye". I couldn't resist your niece's darling grin.♥

  10. Thanks for sharing your favorite potluck recipes. I have to check out some of the recipes. They sound delicious.

  11. Oh yum, thank you. I am so making that pasta salad. Normally I cheat and make it from a box, but I want to make real pasta salad.

  12. Thanks for sharing those great recipes. I have learnt new things in here.

  13. Loved the pasta salad, gonna for sure make out soon:). Other recipe's too sound interesting !

  14. Wow these recipes look delicious I've never heard of a peach salad or using fruit in a salad! Can't wait for the weather to warm up as I'm definitely trying your peach recipe!

  15. Love all these recipes! They look so good! I can't wait to try a few of them out this summer! Thanks for sharing!


  16. These recipes all sound delicious! I know the Banana Pudding Poke Cake would be a hit in my home. I'm eager to try the Broccoli, Bacon and Cheese Salad. Yummy!

  17. Such a lovely recipe roundup post. I have not had stuffed peppers for a couple of months now, kelly's version makes me miss having some

  18. I love pasta salad. you get full quickly and they are so easy to prepare. Besides, who doesn't like pasta?!

  19. The one thing I miss about living back home with family nearby is the potlucks. That pasta salad recipe looks like a real winner!

  20. Your niece looks adorable!

    We also like to have a potluck party coz we find it more exciting, and tends to bring more foods for everyone :)

  21. I'm definitely looking forward to the summer and potlucks and all of those sorts of things. Anything centered around food has to be good right?

  22. Potluck and summer nights just go together .We are having surprise spate of storms ,so it's a different summer this time.Loved the recipes .Banana poke cake is a favourite.


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