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My Choice For A Show Stopping Spring Flower

Do you ever just walk into a place and something colorful not only catches your eye but everyone else's walking in too?

That's what happened this past weekend....I went into the store for one thing and I landed up in the garden area.

Some women like jewelry..some's flowers.

My pick this year for a show stopping the Anemone. It comes in a variety of's a perennial and it likes a little bit of shade and a little bit of sun. Wanna know what the best thing about it is? It's already blooming in early March. 


I also happened to enjoy lunch with my little love muffin. Many of you know about 6 weeks ago my hubby had a very scary stroke so it's very important to me to take time and enjoy the little moments...the everyday lunch with him.

Why we were at the store this red and black outdoor set caught my eye. I'd love to have cushions and pillows on my outdoor furniture at the farm but living on a windy farm in Oklahoma with lots of animals ....means it's just not feasible. They would last about 24 hours if I was lucky.

Even though I know Winter isn't over for a few more weeks and with Oklahoma's crazy weather I'm sure we are going to get more cold weather, I'm going to enjoy every minute of looking at my blooming Anemones.

Have you started planting?


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  1. I love those flowers, in West Texas, we most likely have a freeze or two more....we generally don't plant until May....

  2. Jean I think that's about the time we should plant too.

  3. Those flowers are very showy and perky. I no longer plant flowers in a garden but they would be cute in a planter. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I hope your husband is doing better! Thanks for joining Home Sweet Home!

  5. I love these colors. How pretty.

    And I am so glad your husband is doing better.

  6. We are still getting temperature of 20° here in MA. :( no planting any time soon.

  7. Flowers so are beautiful, I love it when they come into season. I'm sorry to hear about your hubby, I hope he is doing ok.

    Lennae xxx

  8. The Anemone is such a beautiful flower! It sounds like the perfect thing to put on my covered deck since it likes both a little sun and shade.

  9. I love flowers. Two years ago I started with a seed pack and that was an epic fail. Last year I purchased plants. This year I plan to purchase plants again. I haven't started yet. I may wait until the sales.

  10. This flower is so beautiful. I am wanting to add some color inside my house this year!

  11. I'm glad that you attended in a flower festival, it looks really beautiful and lovely!

  12. Hey Valarie, your Anemones looks beautiful. I went to Disney's Epcot this weekend and there was Flower and Garden Festival going on. It was so colorful and fascinating. Glad that you had an amazing lunch date with your hubby!
    Have a great week ahead!

  13. I love flowers I wish I knew how to plant them, I think I would do such a bad job lol


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