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Creating A Cottage Farmgirl's Kitchen


I knew when we moved to the farm we wouldn't be able to build our dream home right away. Several factors came into play.

1. The cost
2. We needed to figure out where we wanted to put it.
3. What kind of house did we really want and need.

  Dresser as a kitchen island or entryway table!  Love the colors!:


*Cottage Farm girls love having furniture pieces used as islands.*

So we decided to make do and haul something onto the property to live on until we could figure it all out.

The farmhouse my hubby grew up in had been looted and meth had been smoked in it so it was hard to say good-bye to it but we did.

So the home we live in on the farm won't be our permanent home but it's our now home and will be for the next few years while the land is cleared for our forever home.


I want it to be comfortable while we are here but keep in mind that it will eventually serve as our guest house.

There are no hotels or motels anywhere near the farm so we need a place for our guests to stay while they are here.

Several of them camp but that limits it to the Summer months and we can only fit so many inside.

I want the kitchen to have a warm and cottagey feel but I also want them to have the authentic farm experience.

My hubby's sister would come stay with us an extended period of time but I've gotta figure out where to put her.

I also don't want to spend a fortune on it so enters my plan.

Within the next 30 -60 days my cottage farm girl kitchen will finally come about...on a budget.

 I've been patient....I've waited for a few years....It's almost time....but first I have to finish planting season.

On a farm the crops and the animals come first. They have to.

Here's the plan.

I'm going to build my own butcher block counter tops. See the one's above? She made them by herself for less than $200 and they are beautiful.

*Cottage farm girls know how to do things for themselves.*

polka dot fridge:


We have an older fridge in the house and it's gotten to be a dingy whitish color. I'm thinking something like this on the outside would really brighten it up. Paint seems to chip on fridges so I'm going to try this.

*Cottage farm girls are frugal.*

great place to have a coffee &/or hot cocoa bar in your home...simple inexpensive way to decorate & utilize the space in a small kitchen...:


I have an old hutch I'm going to use and paint white ....the inside is going to be painted a light turquoise.

*Every cottage and farmhouse kitchen needs a hutch.*

My Dear Trash: Country Shutters...would look darling on my kitchen window over the sink!!!:


Can't you just stare at these shutters for hours? Gingham, red and oh my 3 of my favorite things.

*Every cottage farm girl loves red.*

Repainting and glazing red cabinets:


I've been wrecking my brain trying to decide if I want glossy red cabinets or some type of finish. I finally found a tutorial for the finish that I'm wanting.

*Cottage Farm girls are patient.* Pssst....just because we have to be...wink.

While stained-wood and white-painted kitchen cabinets are the norm, it doesn't mean you have to stick with tradition. In a room ruled by function and sometimes lacking in decorating opportunity, painted cabinets can add interest and color. Use a solid, bright finish for a contemporary space, or distress door and drawer edges for a more casual look.:


I really like the 2 colors of cabinets in this kitchen so I'm also going to have some white cabinets.

* Cottage Farm girls have the right to like several things.* All girls do.

Coastal Christmas Kitchen Tour - You are invited to take a tour of my mom's beachfront Victorian home + we're whipping up easy cranberry orange scones too.:


We have already started installing our bead board back splash.

* Cottage Farm girls like character in homes.*

Beadboard dishwasher front, backsplash, and tub surround projects.:


Now I've seen lots of things cover dishwashers but I haven't seen bead board on one...until now. How cute is this?

*Cottage Farm girls like to use what they have but make it better.*

So here lies my general plan to get started on my kitchen. My hubby had a stroke  a few months ago  ( some of you may remember) so most of the work will be done by me one day a week and on the weekends.

What do you think of my plan?

If you want to see how ugly my starter kitchen will just have to wait or find it in past posts lol. I'm not helping you find it.

It's ugly...I mean really ugly.

For more of my fun ideas for the kitchen you can go here.

Please say a prayer for me because I've done several kitchens but never most of it on my own.Just about half of one.

We can talk about all the pretty stuff to put in it.,,,once I get done.

Tell me do you like cottage farmhouse style?

I'd love to hear,


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  1. I think yo uhave a really beautiful vision Valerie and you will be able to DIY your whole kithen and it will be fantastic in the end. Looking forward to seeing the progress and i love your choice of colors.

  2. You have some great taste! I LOVE these colors! Thank you for visiting my blog today!

  3. Yes, I do. Have fun with it! My mother covered an old fridge in toile style contact paper. We loved it and I liked it better than the new fridge.

  4. It sounds like you have your work cut out for you! What a job! Can't wait to see your kitchen, I love before and after pics!
    Thanks so much for your recent visit to my Easter post!

  5. gonna be some hard work...especially the counter tops...(Pioneer Woman had sheet metal put on hers and she loves it)
    I had white upper cabinets and red bottom cabinets in our old house...loved it to pieces...and I think the fridge would be adorable with the right paper...your ideas are great...good good luck.

  6. Oh my, I love doing kitchens and I can't wait to see yours.
    You have great ideas too. Good luck, as I know you will choose the right everything for it.
    Happy Easter.

  7. Sounds exciting! A cottage kitchen would be charming. So many choices and ideas. Your inspirations photos are lovely. Sometimes we have to wait for things.

  8. You have beautiful goals in mind! :)

    I currently have an 18-19 year old fridge in my galley kitchen that is showing rust spots on the outside and yet I am so amazed that it is still running, since they don't make them to last more than 10 years or less these days, that I turn a blind eye to it and am thankful that it still runs / things don't always have to be perfect everywhere at the same time / hang in there with your dreams : )

  9. Your ideas for your kitchen are just wonderful. Enjoy doing the make over. Have a blessed day. Madeline

  10. Oh my, I love all your ideas!! The fridge is adorable and red is my very favorite color. I like the idea of two colors of cabinets and the butcher block counter on the island. The hutch will be so pretty in white, with turquoise in the back, and yes, shutters and red and white cute! God bless and good luck!

  11. Dear Valarie:
    You really have a great presentation here and this would be very helpful to women in a variety of "age groups". I think it would be a nice presentation that maybe you will have an opportunity to give for young women on a budget too! Thanks so much for sharing. We moved in last Thursday night....we are very tired and still "unpacking". Tomorrow I hope to get my hubby to put the kitchen table together.

  12. Lots of beautiful inspiration photos, Valerie! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do!

  13. Love your plans for your Kitchen especially the use of red!! I have red in my Kitchen and I love it!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Happy Easter!!


  14. I flippin' love kitchens. Love 'em.

  15. I adore cottage farmhouse style!! I am excited to see the before and what you do. I love every single idea and picture you showed here. I had a farmhouse kitchen but left it to remarry. Now I live in a Victorian home but still have my farmhouse cottage style kitchen!

  16. Saw your link at Savvy Southern - I love, absolutely love all the ideas you've shown. Wish I had the nerve to paint my 80s oak cabinets white ... these pictures look so bright and light and clean. Can't wait to follow you as you create your dream kitchen, adding you to my blog sidebar so I can see when you post.


  17. I LOVE YOUR SUPER CUTE IDEAS!!!! Sorry for shouting but I'm just super excited to see how your new cottage farmhouse kitchen comes together!

  18. I really love your ideas for inspiration. I also love the idea of having a small, separate guest space for visitors. I would love that.

  19. All your inspiration images are cute. I love the sideboard in the first picture and of course, that hutch is calling my name too. Beadboard on the dishwasher; what a great idea! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.


  20. Sounds like you have a good plan in hand, go get 'em lady! You're off to a good start!

  21. A polka dot fridge! The stuff dreams are made of.

  22. Your plans sound great and I admire your work ethic. It's going to be beautiful. We would love for you to share the at Celebrate Your Story link party. Here is the link for this week’s party Hope you can join us and have a great week!


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