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Ridiculously Easy and Fun Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day


In just a few days it's time for Valentine's Day again. Yes. Already. I know where does the time go?

If you aren't looking to spend a small fortune on overpriced roses and stand in a long line waiting for an expensive dinner ....then I have the solution for you.

These ideas are not only simple they are easy and fun.

You can start by making some Cranberry Chocolate Pancakes for breakfast.

Why not sit down with the whole family and make some homemade crafts.

Why not make a candy bar card?

Everyone would love to get a DIY Valentine Tile.

You could spend the afternoon making all types of sweets like the easiest valentine's Cookies eversweet and salty valentine bark and mini chocolate strawberry pies.

Strawberry Pies with Chocolate
Looking to go out on a date with your sweetie and it not be stressful? 

No problem

5 Stress Free Valentine Date Ideas

When you get home you have to dig into this Chocolate Cake with a surprise.

We've got you covered from the time you wake up until bedtime. 

These are sure fire ridiculously easy ways to make your Valentine's Day extra special.

Enjoy the Day,


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  1. What a lot of good ideas here, I'm going to check them out, even if I'm too late for Valentine's Day!

  2. Hi Valerie, a pleasure to meet you. Love your Valentine day ideas. You cannot beat chocolate cake and sparkly.

  3. I think I need to make those chocolate strawberry mini pies. I went ahead and pinned this post--I think it has great ideas. While I look forward to a nice night out, so does everyone else. These ideas are nice and totally worth using. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Really cute and simple ways to celebrate. I love that you've made it about the family rather than just a couple. And that none of them will cost a fortune too x

  5. Oo those pies look delicious.

    My husband usually has to work on Valentine's Day so I don't think we do that much. If he has off, we'll go out to eat, but for lunch, not dinner, because too crowded!

  6. I can't believe Valentines day is already so quickly approaching! I love your sweet ideas to go homemade for this hallmark holiday.

  7. I am actually so incredibly excited for Valentine's Day! I would love to try out those Cranberry Chocolate Pancakes! Pancakes are totally my thing and I am sure my husband would love them!

  8. Omg, cranberry chocolate pancakes sounds absolutely divine, I must try it! I think me and my daughter will make little valentine's for her class this year. I can't believe it's that time again so soon, thanks for sharing!

  9. These are such fun ideas :) I normally don't do too much for Valentine's Day because my husband isn't into all the cutesy stuff, but I think I want to do it big this year because I'm sad Christmas is over!

  10. Thanks for sharing these wonderful ideas. I don't have anything planned for Valentine's day yet, so this is perfect.

  11. So may great ideas! I used to go all out for Valentines day... Maybe this will inspire me to get creative again! :)

  12. Great ways to celebrate. SInce we have kids we always make it a fun family night at home. WE ordered a heart shaped pizza, get fun Valentines Day decorations and enjoy a night in together. It is fun.

  13. These are such cute ideas (: I want to make valentines day stress free and with your ideas that will happen!

    Isaly Holland |

  14. Wow a bit early! But thanks for this early reminder I should early prepare for Valentines Day too.. make it more special and not too cheesy :)

  15. Cranberry chocolate pancakes sound like the best dish that I've heard in a while! Wow, I want them tomorrow morning :) Great list! I'm glad that you're already thinking forward toward Valentine's Day.

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet ||

  16. I'm not a big valentine's day person, but these ideas look awesome!

  17. Great ideas shared! I loved the idea of Cranberry chocolate pancakes! I'll try it this week itself!


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