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Let's Make Gumbo

Happy Ash Wednesday. If you haven't had your Mardi Gras celebration yet this is the perfect dish to help make you feel like you are dining in the middle of the Big Easy. I can't begin to tell you about how incredible my 2 trips to New Orleans have been with my mom. Food. Fun. Entertainment and Yum.

I have lots of family in Louisiana so.... they taught me right the first what they say when it comes to making Gumbo.

Don't shy away from this dish because you think it's too hard. I'm simplifying it here for you.

The first thing you need is 1/2 c. Olive Oil and 1/2 c. of flour. Heat your oil in a large saucepan until it's hot then add the flour and stir to make your roux. Keep stirring until your roux thickens (think gravy.)

While your roux is going dice 1/2 c. of red onion, 1/2 c. of celery and 1/2 c. of red bell pepper. into bite size pieces.

                Once your roux is thick add those veggies and cook for about 3 minutes.
Now you want to add the 2 Tbsp. File Powder and 2 teaspoons of the Tony Cachere's Creole Seasoning. Stir it in. Add 2 tsp. Garlic and several splashes of hot sauce.
                     Add 1 cup of cooked shrimp...making sure the tail is off and all of the skin too.

                           Cut up 2 cups of Andouille sausage into bite size pieces.
                           Dump the meat into the mixture and dump it into a larger pot.

  I now add the 3 cans of beef broth and 3 cups of Okra and let it heat up for a good hour on low heat.You will want to add some salt to taste.

Serve in a bowl over white rice. ( I cheat here and use boil-in-a bag don't judge me it's easy.)

Enjoy with some salad and garlic bread.


                Shrimp and Sausage Gumbo

1/2 c. Olive Oil

1/2 c. flour
make roux.


1/2 c. onion
1/2 c. celery
1/2 c. red bell pepper.

Let cook 3 minutes

Add 2 c. sausage
 1 1b. shrimp

and then

3 cans beef broth

2 teaspoons creole seasoning
2 teaspoons garlic
hot sauce
2 Tbsp. File Powder (optional)

3 cups okra


Interested in the history of Mardi Gras check out my friend Bonnie's post on What is Shrove Tuesday

She did an excellent post.

I can't believe it's Lent already.

Enjoy and if you have trouble email me at and I will help you.

Happy Mardi Gras week,


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  1. This sounds great, Valerie! I have never cooked with File Powder - I need to google it to even see what it is! I love making Jambalaya but this will be my first Gumbo!

    1. It is good you will love it. Yes google much easier than driving all over the place.

  2. I can just smell the celery and onions simmering. My husband's favorite food is gumbo! He love a good hot bowl of it with rice.

    Thanks for the recipe and thank you so much for linking with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. :)

  3. Oh my hubby's gonna love this!

    Thank you so very much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence really helped to make it very special. I hope you will return again and again.

    Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Yumbo, gumbo! lol! Sounds so delicious. I have never cooked okra. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. I am going to share this recipe with the head chef- he loves gumbo!

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  6. Yum! This sounds great although I have never cooked okra. Thanks for sharing, Valerie.

  7. Dear Valerie:
    Here is something I have never made so I am printing out your recipe. It looks delicious and would be fun to make for my family in Missouri! Gumbo it is!

    1. I'm so glad you're making it. It's good. If you have any questions let me know.

  8. I love rice dishes. This sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  9. This sounds so good! Thanks for the tips and inspiration. I would love to make gumbo soon.

  10. Gosh, how I miss gumbo! It's been so long since the last time I had them. This looks so easy too. Thank you for the recipe!

  11. My mother used to make the best Gumbo! I will need to try this recipe though.

  12. I have honestly tried making gumbo before but your recipe is so easy to understand Valerie that I will definitely give it a try now !

  13. I LOVE Gumbo and my husband and I both love shrimp so of course a shrimp gumbo would be loved in this household! I will make this soon!

  14. This looks absolutely amazing! I have actually never made my own gumbo before, so I am trying this recipe asap! Thanks for the recipe. Cannot wait!

  15. Your pictures and instructions are so clear I can already imagine tasting the gumbo right now. We have not tried cooking this at home. This looks perfect for a family dinner.

  16. Thank you for this recipe. My husband has been asking for gumbo and I have never made it before. This will be our test recipe for sure! Going to show it to him and make it this weekend!

  17. I've never made gumbo, but I've made jambalaya, which is similar. This recipe looks pretty easy to make. And no, I won't judge you for the boil-in-a bag lol. If you can save time, go for it!

  18. Love, love love this dish! Every time I have it all I remember is my grandmother. She makes the best Gumbo ever! I tried to recreate her recipe but it still does not taste the same. I am going to try your recipe. Maybe it would taste just like the way grandma made it.

  19. One pan meals are my faves!! Perfect for the busy weekdays. This looks delicious.

  20. What a great and simple recipe! This looks awesome, I definitely will have to pass this on to some friends who love this kind of food! Thanks for sharing - it looks like it'll be delicious!


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