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19 of the Greatest Recipes for Football Games

It's almost here. In just a few short days almost every t.v. set in America will be tuned in for the Superbowl. 

Now whether you like it or hate it there is something everyone can agree on and that is that the food is great.

I've rounded up 19 of the greatest recipes for Football games for you and made it so easy for you to get the recipes to make them.

From nachos, salsa, pulled pork, dips and even homemade chips these are recipes you want to add to your menu for the weekend.

Chipotle Nachos w/ a Twist @ Cottage Making Mommy

Warm Onion Dip  @Pure Pearl Homestead

Homemade Chips @ Our Stoney Acres

Mister's Pink Dip @ Our Life Out Here

Fried Oklahoma Pickles @ Cottage Making Mommy

Awesome Chicken Chili via Better Hens and Gardens

The Best Beef Enchilada Dip @ Cottage Making Mommy

These Italian Meatloaf Balls are made without pre-made bread crumbs and cooking them in a mini muffin pan allows the grease to drain off. Plus, they're delicious! #beefrecipes #comfortfood

Mango Peach Pineapple Salsa @ Pure Pearl Homestead

Sun-Dried Tomato Dip  @ Better Hens and Gardens

Chicken Corn Chowder in the Crock Pot @ Cottage Making Mommy

Restaurant Style Buffalo Wings @ The Not So Modern Housewife

Homemade Ketchup  and Homemade Mayo @ The Frugal Chicken

Game Day Pizza Dip  @ Cottage Making Mommy

Grandma's Favorit Chili
                                                                         @Better Hens and Gardens

                                    Perfectly Delicious Pulled Pork @ Cottage Making Mommy

                                                    This potato soup is great as-is or garnished with bacon, chives and cheese. #potatosoup #comfortfood
                                                   @ Our Life Out Here

                              Hearty Hamburger Stew

Right here at Cottage Making Mommy.

Now please let me know which ones you try because I want them all on my menu.

Dare I ask who you will be rooting for?

Play Ball,


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  1. Awesome recipes, Valerie!! Pinning and definitely can't wait to try a few!!

  2. Fantastic roundup Valerie! Thanks for including some of mine :)

  3. These sound like great recipes for the football season or any season for that matter. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ahh football season. That magical time of year when yelling at the tv is encouraged and I can wear all the blue, red and white I want! Love these ideas- I'll be trying most of them. Thank you!

  5. I can't wait for Saturday, let college football begin! Great recipes, will have to pin and make for later:)

  6. I'm not much into football but I can definitely get behind the food! Will have to check out some of these recipes in more detail.

  7. That chili looks DELICIOUS! I want to some as soon as the weather turns to fall!

  8. The creamy potato soap sounds absolutely delicious! It's perfect for fall!

  9. I always stand by the fact that any kind of dip is good for a football game. Or, anything with cheese!

  10. Awesome recipes for football! And its a coming!! Please share this at our blog hop we have Wed-Sun. We would love to have you! https://www.floydfamilyhomestead.com/

  11. Mmmm what a great collection of recipes for any time of the year, not just football season. Loving the look of that chilli!

  12. This is great collection of recipes! I have just bookmarked this page to try out these recipes later!

  13. Oh my gosh I love fried pickles and that potato soup looks delicious! I live in hockey land up here in Canada so I might have to try some of these next time a game is on!

  14. I would like to try the Awesome Chicken Chili, and Italian meatloaf for funtastic football (or soccer) game!

  15. These sound great! I will be trying out the nachos and dip! With football games we always like to feast.

    Isaly Holland

  16. MM, I'm drooling. Football bores me so I wouldn't make these for a game, I'd just make these to pig out on ;)

  17. I definitely think this is one of my favorite roundups. Lol. I've found so many great meal ideas here!

  18. I just love that pioneer woman butter dish. Thanks for sharing such a yummy recipe. Potato soup is perfect during this cold weather

  19. It's strange but I love super bowl parties even though I'm not a big fan of football. If I decide to go to one this year I'll definitely consider making the Mango Peach Pineapple Salsa or the chicken corn chowder. Thanks for sharing these.

  20. Can't wait to try some of these recipes. The chipolte nachos will be first up. They sound yummy.

  21. These look mighty delicious. Is it possible t try the potato soup without the cheese?

  22. The list of delicious recipes is making my mouth water.
    Though we are not into football good food is always welcome

  23. Though we do not have amaerican football I still enjoy all the preparations y'all make and these meals all look real delicious

  24. I'm not a football fan, but these meals look scrumptious! I could make these dishes for soccer night.

  25. Chili is a must make for football games. I have a veggie chili, spicy, that is a family and friend favorite.

  26. I can't believe that the Football Game season is here again. Seems like we were just celebrating last years. Your recipes look great. I think I will try the Italian meatloaf balls and creamy potato soup this year.

  27. I love the sound of many of your options but being in Houston where the weather will probably be warm, Id go for the nachos for sure and the wings, especially if they have some heat to them. Im sad our home team didn't make it to the Super Bowl as that would have been just great for our city but the weekend will be fantastic as there are so many events planned to make the most of all the additional visitors.

  28. I do love a good chili but I tend to make mine more on the vegetarian side using quinoa. I usually make it on superbowl Sunday. I am however a meat lover and am very curious now how the chicken one would taste. Looks pretty good at that. Wow! Superbowl already.

  29. I am always looking for great game day recipes to try with my family. Those MEatballs will be added to my list. SO GOOD! This time of the year is so much fun with all of the great games that are on TV. THank you for the great list of perfect game day food!

  30. I usually stick with the same old appetizers for our game day fare. I can already tell that I will be referencing this post frequently! My favorite part about Football Season is the FOOD!! Buffalo Wings, Pizza Dip -- oh my! Which one do I try first?!

  31. I don't watch football at all, but I do love football and tailgating foods! Pizza, dips, wings, YUM! They are all so finger licking good! I would totally attend a Superbowl party just to eat.

  32. I just had to click on the Oklahoma Fried Pickles recipe, and I love the way that they look. I see all of these great game day recipes every year, but never wind up making them. I think I am really missing out on making the day even more fun.

  33. Oh this roundup is drool worthy LOL! I have my eye on that chili and the baked potato soup. I've actually never made baked potato soup before, but I love it! I am sooo checking that one out!


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