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The Farm Is a Mess

It all started 2 1/2 years ago when we hired someone to move my hubby's office to the farm, install a septic system and tear down the old farm house. The man made a mess and left piles everywhere. Now he's finally back to clean it up but the workers don't seem to want to work.

There are more piles than before.

They are supposed to be taking down this dead tree. It seems they feel the need to dig up all of the dead animals around it. They've also knocked down 8 other trees, my hubby's fathers old garden entrance and a bazillion other things I didn't want done.

I've babied my rose bushes along the creek but I had to dig 8 of them out... plus two wild rose bushes... and they've been sitting here by the clothesline for 2 days waiting for them to actually get some work done so they can go back in. GRRRRR.....

Oh look more piles.

We had to take down part of our front fence and one of our gates. This is after the hubby and I put some of it back up.

The icing on top was when they ran over my grandma's flower bulbs that were the first thing I planted here at the farm.

All to bury 2 piles and get rid of a big pile of cement that we never wanted turned into a pile in the first place.

To say I'm stressed and upset would be an understatement.

Good workers in the country are so hard to find.

This is just the start. I'll tell you more about what's going on at the farm next week.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this. Good workers are hard to find, but maybe there is someone better out there than these... Good luck!

  2. Oh boy, that's horrible!! You poor thing - it's so hard living in a construction zone! I did it for the first 6 months I was at my new house and I was so glad when it was over and I had my house back!!! Be strong, Valerie - you'll get through this - xoxo

  3. I know what you mean about good workers hard to find! I do wish we had a big farm though! All that space! Heaven!

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  5. Oh Valarie, I'm sorry you are going through thus situation, country life is not as easy and simple as it ought to be :( hope it all gets cleaned up and fixed soon

  6. So sorry that you are going through this. I certainly hope that you haven't paid them yet. I wouldn't pay until it is the way you want it. It is so hard to find good workers. Mine died, bless his soul, he was the cleanest man and NEVER left a mess. Didn't charge by the hour only by the job. Sometimes he was a little slow, but it was always perfect.
    Hopefully, you will get it all straighten out soon. Count to 10.

  7. Hang in there. Things will get better-one step at a time. Breathe!

  8. Good workers in the country are hard to find. My father had a place in a SMALL town that he finally sold because he couldn't get the work done in a reputable manner.

  9. Oh dear. So sorry to hear about your trials.

    I hope things around the farm start to change for the better.

  10. Congratulations! Your post was featured this week at So Much at Home. I hope you will come share more this week.
    God bless.

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  12. Good luck!! I hope over the past year, you were able to find someone to help you sort all that out! It does seem really stressful.

  13. Hope it will be okay soon. You are lucky to have your own farm. And never let others tend it because not all can you trust.

  14. Oh no, I'm sorry. I would be frustrated too! Especially by the fact that they are carelessly running over plants. I hope it gets cleaned up properly.

  15. Oh no. I hope everything gets cleared up and put back in order soon. I'd love to have a little farm but my husband is totally against it having grown up in a small rural town.

  16. Dis Post is a Mess

  17. O wow. I hate when you hire someone to do a job and they act like is is inconveniencing them. Your are getting paid. Hopefully they will get it into gear soon.

  18. So sorry hear this.This is a mess, i understand your frustration. I shall pray everything gets better and the farm is back in shape soon.

  19. Oh no! I bet that was extremely stressful situation to deal with. Piles on top of piles but I hope it all works out beautifully with his new office.

  20. I completely understand you when you say Good workers are so hard to find.I hope everything will be done soon!Good luck!

  21. *air hug* Sometimes things get worse before they get better. I hope that it turns around for shortly! Hopefully when all is said and done you will be able to laugh about it.

  22. Yes. Good workers are hard to get. Best of Luck!

  23. This does sound stressful but I think it's so cool you have a farm! Good luck.


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