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He Scared Me To Death

*Update, It's been a little over a year now. He's doing better but still has no short term memory. It makes life extra interesting.*

Friday I went to my dad's house to spend some time with him. He recently was put on insulin. This was his 3rd day and he had been dizzy. He asked me to stay with him because my step-mom isn't mobile and she couldn't get around. My hubby was home watching the workers at our farm. I kept telling him I will be home with dinner soon. I ran 4 hours late and dad was throwing up profusely. I got a hold of his doctor and got him better and against my better judgement went home. By then my hubby said he couldn't wait any longer and had a bowl of cereal. When I got home he was laying across the bed. When I got there he moved over and I turned out the lights and turned on the tv to relax. Next thing I know there was a HUGE bang. Wade had fallen to the floor. At first I started laughing and said did you fall out of bed. After a few minutes he didn't get up. I knew something was wrong. His face was drooping and he was holding his head.

Fast forward and a bunch of bargaining and furniture and things falling all over the house from him stumbling and falling off the back steps I got him in the car to the hospital. I could get him to the hospital faster than the ambulance could get to me.

We get there they rush us back and I told them I thought he was having a stroke. They ran a bunch of tests, hooked up an IV and the Dr. came in. He seemed a little better.

After about 1/2 an hour there I went to get the staff to again say his mouth and eye were drooping they said no.

After awhile the doctor came in and said, " I know what's causing this his blood sugar is 600. We are going to give him some insulin and iv fluids and send him home. "

I ask some ?'s and told the nurse and staff that I didn't really feel great about taking him home that I felt he needed to stay.

They gave him only 1 unit of insulin.

We were sent on our way with a prescription for Metformin and told to see a doctor in the next few days.

I get him home and in bed. He felt miserable I kept water down him and watched him all night.

The next morning I ran to the pharmacy when it opened. I told the pharmacist what happened and he told me to only give him water and fresh fruits and veggies and nuts.

I went to the grocery store and then I got a text from my hubby saying, " I'm on the floor." I rush back home and get him back in bed. I argued with him that I was calling the ambulance.

He asked me to help him to the bathroom so we got him taken care of. I went to check on the workers we had at the farm and told them I would need there help getting Wade to the car.

My dad told me to get him to the hospital now.

Then Home Depot shows us with our delivery. 1 guy took care of that and the other 3 came running. Once the delivery man was directed the 4th came and everyone took a limb and got him to the car.

I was on the road and called 911 and told them I was speeding and on the way to the hospital. They told me to "pull over they could get someone to me." Within 5 minutes a firefighter showed up and hopped out of the car. I told him what happened and he started looking at my hubby. He said,"this looks like a stroke."  They stayed with us for what seemed like forever and 8 more fire trucks showed up .The whole county was out fighting a grass fire and several headed our way. It took the ambulance awhile to get there. Country living is scary when it comes to healthcare.

The firefighters told me, "you don't want to go back to the hospital you took him to they aren't good with stroke and heart attack patients he needs to go to Norman."

They gave Wade a ride to Norman to the hospital. I followed behind and they turned off their lights. Not a good sign I freaked and called my dad and my best friend.

After a good long wait in the waiting room and everything going through my head I was prepared for the worst. After forever a nurse came to get me and explained my husband had an ischemic stroke.

They couldn't give him the medicine to reverse it because they didn't know when it had started. The ambulance drivers had already told them we had been to another ER the night before. The nurse and doctors were very upset. My hubby showed all the signs of a stroke and had he been given the meds. the night before we could have reversed it.

Today is Wednesday and they let us come home late Monday. All of his doctors and nurses at hospital were furious and said it could have been much worse had I not gotten him to this hospital. They want me to report to the other ER what happened and said it's ridiculous they couldn't catch it.

Yesterday we went for a check up at my hubby's clinic and they were furious too. At the very least the first ER should have kept him for 12 hours and administered meds.

I've prayed, been angry and been grateful the last several days. My hubby is alive.

His eye and mouth have almost returned to normal. He says, " he's still very tired and sore on the left side." His short term memory isn't good.

He's alive and we have some recovery to do.

Today I went to Aldi and loaded up on fruits and veggies. We are enrolled in a diabetes class and I have an appt. with a nutritionist scheduled. We can make the changes together.

My hubby was very lucky. He is 11 years older than me and much thinner than me but I need to lose weight too.

Today I'm grateful to have more days with my hubby. I'm exhausted and will come back to blogging in the next few days but for now I'm tending to him and just being grateful for our time together.

Hug your loved ones today,


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  1. I am so sorry for what you both went through Valerie! You poor sweet woman what a fright!! Thank God you did what you did - you saved your sweetie! What a strong and sensible woman you are - kudos to you for your quick thinking!! Big hugs to you - stay strong xoxo

  2. Oh Valarie, how scary! I am so glad your husband has you to advocate for him.
    Bless you and I'll be reading to see how you're doing.
    I'm so sorry you all are going through this

  3. Oh my goodness what a weekend for you. I certainly would report this ER to someone. Maybe first go to the president of that hospital. Once my son with special needs had a horrible bike accident. He was sent home from the ER with slurred speech, head still bleeding and unable to walk.
    I'm so glad your husband is okay now. I hope your father is as well. So sorry. Hugs

  4. Wow, what a screw up. I really dare to trust any hospital, but especially a small town one.

  5. Very scary and thankful he is doing much better.

  6. I'm very happy that you are both safe now and home. Here in Norman we have great physicians and hospitals - I have a heart condition that and have extensive experience with them - Trans Ischemic Attacks are a bad thing to have - my dad had several - so I know you are just a wreck. If there's anything I can do, please email me and I will get on it! Bless you both!

  7. So sorry that you both had to go through such an ordeal. Thankful that kind souls surrounded you when you needed help. I guess you won't be visiting that hospital again. Praying a quick and full recovery for hubbs. Take care of yourself too. daisy

  8. Oh my gosh, how scary! I'm so glad everything turned out okay at least.

  9. Wow how terrifying! Happy things turned around and ok now.

  10. So scary! Im so happy everyone is ok!

  11. Glad to hear that your Hubby is doing better. Happy things are working out. It's very scary how the emergency room didn't catch it.

  12. Oh wow, that's really scary. I couldn't imagine seeing someone I love in that position. Let alone two people! Sending you lots of love <3

  13. Oh yikes, that was a horrible day. I'm sorry to hear about it.

  14. WOW, what a scare. I'm so sorry you guys had to go through all that. I do hope you both are ok. Keep us updated.

  15. You have to take care of your husband first. I hate to say this, but the one thing I learned from my brother-in-laws long stay at the hospital with cancer they misdiagnosed is that medicine is truly a practice. And you have to be your own advocate if you think something is wrong. Because often times they don't know.

  16. Life is so much shorter than we can imagine. I'm glad your husband is okay.

  17. Thank you for sharing us your personal experiences and though we are all miles away, we are here to support you through prayers. You are a tough woman. SMILE :)

  18. Oh wow that is scary, I am glad that thing is good. I know how you feel, I was there about 3 years ago. I loss my husband for a second and we regained him back with the helped of our awesome EMT.

  19. oh wow that is scary! I worry about my dad's health because he is terrible at taking care of himself. I am glad your husband is doing ok now!

  20. Oh my God, that's such a scary situation but I'm so glad he and you and your dad are all doing good. These things are so sudden and I've experienced something very similar with my mom (both heart related n negligence in hospital) but thankfully, Our Cardiologist was really good and took care. I wish you lots of love n support & Hope you'll feel better soon. Take Care ~ Hugs Molly

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  22. My prayers are with you Valerie.Please the care of your health too.Caring for loved ones constantly must be making you very stressed.It was quite shocking that the first ER didn't keep him atleast for observation and a CT brain etc for full evaluation. Its hood thst you sre very observant and aware.What kind of healthcare does the government provide ?Is emergency cate free?


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