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Family of 5 Suburban Homestead Tour in Las Vegas, Nevada


       Meet Lindsey from Homespun Sprout in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Lindsey and her hubby have 1 adorable daughter and 2 precious sons, ❤️look at that face above❤️, all 6 and under in a cute 1200 sq. ft home on .11 acres.

 The house was built in 2000 and this family moved in during 2005.


They chose the house because they were engaged and her then  ❤️fiance❤️  was in Vegas for work and Lindsey was touring in the 
broadway production of Peter Pan.


                             Yep, this is one talented lady. 

She didn't even get to see the inside of the house before they bought it because they jumped on it because she said, " it was a house in the part of town they wanted to live and they could afford it. "


I asked Lindsey what they've done to it and she said, "We built 6 raised garden beds on the side yard. It was all rock when we moved in. The beds are all irrigated as well (the only way to survive the Vegas summers). They took about 2 years to complete. We also tore out all the carpeting in the main part of the house and installed our own tile. I'm mean with a tile saw! Other than that, the only other major changes we've made involve a rainbow of colors on the walls...we've toned it down and gone back to a more neutral color scheme now."


When I asked her if she loved her home she had this to say, "Honestly, I don't love my home. We are bursting at the seams in it...5 people and a giant Golden Retriever in a 1200 square foot home is a tight squeeze. And the home doesn't have any "character". It's in a master planned community (and in an Homeowners Association at that!) so it looks exactly like all the other houses I the neighborhood. But I DO love my garden. It really is my respite in the desert. I am truly amazed by the amount of food that I can grow each year. I also love my neighborhood. We are surrounded by fantastic people and lovely parks."


The home has 3 bedrooms and an open concept living, dining, and kitchen. 


She even said, "Despite living in a Homeowners Association, we manage to grow much of our own produce and keep a small flock of chickens in a coop we made from our Little Tikes playhouse!"


When I asked her if there was any history about the home this is what she had to say , "No history...it was built along with thousands of others during the massive population explosion Las Vegas experienced about 15 years ago. I grew up in Massachusetts in a home built in 1820. As far as I'm concerned there is no such thing as history in Las Vegas when it comes to architecture. Once something becomes "outdated" they tear it down and build something new."


That's so true....they do tear stuff down.


She also shared, "We make it work. The hubs and I are always dreaming about moving to greener pastures...literally...it's pretty brown here. But for now, we are making it work with what we have."


Lindsey also mentioned that , "Is it a lot of work? The only thing that is a lot of work is keeping up with my messy, busy kids! The garden pretty much takes care of itself most of the year thanks to our automatic irrigation. And the chickens are just about the easiest animal EVER to care for. So all in all, I wouldn't say it's much work. Keeping my kids from tracking in 15 pounds of dirt from the garden, on the other hand...I'm still battling that one!"

Lindsey has a wonderful blog where she shares her adventures in child rearing, chicken keeping, real food eating, and cultivating her suburban homestead.  Tell her I sent you by.

Happy Touring,

🍒 Valerie

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  1. What a cute family! I can't believe she raises chickens there too. Thanks for sharing.

    Christmas blessings,

  2. Those raised beds are so cool! Love how much they're able to grow! Such a cool little homestead.

  3. I love that they turned a little tykes playhouse into a chicken coop, so creative!

  4. Interesting! We live in the high desert as well, but never get as hot as Las Vegas. I definitely resemble the brown!!

    Who would ever have thought of turning a playhouse into a chicken coop! That is super fun, and I expect that the chickens like it too!

  5. It great to see that they made the most of the space they had. The raised beds look great

  6. The Little Tykes Playhouse Chicken Coop is the best!!!! So creative!

  7. That's amazing that they did so much with the limited space. Thanks for the virtual tour!

  8. Her house is pretty nice and I am surprised she didnt even get to see the inside before buying it. I would be way too curious. Her family is so adorable.

  9. I love being introduced to new bloggers and I especially love taking tours of their homes! It's always so much fun to see how other people live.

  10. So nice for you to introduce her to your blog. Her family is beautiful.

  11. I dont have a green thumb so I salute people who have. They have got a really nice and artsy outdoor there.

  12. Her home is so lovely, and those kids of hers -- super cute!
    Living like this must be great.

  13. Such a wonderful introduction post! Your home is beautiful!


  14. What a lovely home! I so wish I could grow stuff. I try and it just never works out.

  15. I always love reading about urban homesteaders and how much they can do with so little space. Such an inspiration.

  16. i like that are very creative and they have maximized the spaces of this home, plus garden! And that's cool

  17. I love the raised garden beds. And the chicken coup idea is quite awesome. Never would have thought of that!

  18. I love it! Talk about someone making the best of something. She got a house she could afford and turned it into a dream home.

  19. Awww bless them, at least they have made the most of the gardens as when you're not happy with your home it can be hard

  20. This looks like a lovely home! I would love to have a garden, but the Canadian weather makes it difficult :)

  21. I love the raised gardens and the raised play areas. Having them higher up makes playing with the kids and managing the garden easier. Less bending.

  22. I love that they've chosen to bloom where they are, despite its limitations. Life is so much better when we're content! I love that they're dreaming of a bigger place with more room someday but that they're not longing for it to the point that they can't enjoy their current home right now. What a beautiful testimony!


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