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Goodbye Thanksgiving, Hello Ice Storm 2015


Thanksgiving had barely ended and we woke up to this mess Saturday morning. Ice...Ugh. Everywhere. 2 years ago when we first made it to the farm we were hit by a bad storm and it uprooted a few trees. We are still untangling the mess. 

Remember my favorite tree on the farm, the one that I threw myself in front of the bulldozer and told the man he wasn't taken it down? Look at her? I have ornaments to put on her this year. I pray she perks back up . Poor girl. She kind of looks like Cousin It.


Then there are my pots of herbs and mums. I think we can say good-bye to them for the year.We'll see you next Spring my favorite flavors.


Even Heidi, our outdoor girl who never comes in, came inside for a snooze and got mommy's bed all wet. Who could resist with a face like that though?


This is one of the front entrances of the farm. It was a sea of Ice and trees. If I wouldn't drown in the puddles of mud I would be brave and go out closer for you to see the trees but I have new wood floors, waiting to be stained and I don't want red mud as the color.

Well even though it was pouring down rain yesterday I still couldn't resist going out and meeting this little cutey. She had cabin fever and so did we. She got all dressed up to see us. Can you believe my niece is already 2? How do they grown so fast?

Well when it dries out this weekend we will get the Christmas decor out and started. 

🍒 Have you started decorating?

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  1. Oh no! That sounds so dangerous! I sure hope y'all make a quick recovery. I hope you'll share your outdoor post on this week's Maple Hill Hop! Stay safe out there!

  2. We Okies do get extreme weather, yikes!
    Your Niece is beautiful. They do grow up fast!

    I got my Christmas decorations out of the closet and looked at my blog posts from last year to see if I want to do it the same way or not. Yesterday was actually cleaning up after the messy thanksgiving weekend.


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