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Schneiders Home Tour on the Gulf Coast


Meet Angi and her family of 8 who live along the Gulf Coast on 1.5 acres right outside of the city.


They bought their home a little over 4 years ago and having moved a lot they knew they wanted this to be their forever home. This home was chosen because they wanted land enough for a large garden, chicken, bees, fruit trees, and one that they could care for as they age. 


"Their oldest son is about to head off to college, in the not so distant future, and  they don't want to be overwhelmed with house cleaning."


 Angi realized it won't be too long and they will be empty nesters. The more space she has the more clutter she realized they were having and even with 8 at home she loves how her house can go from, "completely trashed to completely clean in just under 2 hours, " even with 8 people at home now.


The house is right around 1600 square feet and 50 years old. Everything was painted white and has only been painted a couple of times...she knows because she is the one who painted the trim. They have painted the entire inside.


One of the things she loves about her home is the central living area. She says, " it really is the hub of the home and great for entertaining." 

 Look how spacious her master bedroom is.


The girls room is so adorable and colorful.

The home officially has 3 bedrooms but they converted a mudroom into a 4th bedroom and 11/2 baths then a living/dining/kitchen area.


"They garden on about 1/4 of the property and try to grow about 80% of their veggies."


"The family has also been busy adding fruit trees all over...including lemon, grapefruit, oranges, lime, fig, pomegranate, mulberry, peach, plum, apple, and a few struggling blueberry bushes," said Angi


They built a hen house, garden shed, and a grape arbor. The property also has an r v pad that they would one day like to build a shop on for her husband.


"Although we love living in a small home, we see the need to add a family room and porch off the back. Our family is growing and we love having big family gatherings so an additional big room would be really nice.  


Also, our teens will often invite friends over for games (sometimes  22 at a time) and it would be nice if they had their own place to play their games without feeling like their parents are overseeing."

They also want to replace all of the floor would hardwood.


Isn't this a charming home? With how clean it is you would never imagine so many kids live there.

**A fun little fact about the home....the family found the original blue prints from 1965 in a drawer and their porch has hand prints and names and dates. The family enjoys making up stories about what the previous tenants were like. ***

Angi says, " her home works for her because it's small and she can keep up with it."

If you want to find out more about Angi and her family you can find her over here.

Angi thank you for sharing your lovely home with us.

Make sure you go by and tell Angi hello

For more home tours go here.

Happy Touring,


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  1. What a lovely and cozy nest. Thanks for sharing on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  2. Such a cute and cozy home! Hard to believe 8 people live there and it's so tidy!!

  3. What gorgeous sets of drawers in the girls room. :)

  4. I didn't realize you could grow pomegranates in Florida! Good news.l just bought two yesterday and I could eat them every day but it's a bit pricey at $2.50 each. I'm going to look into getting a tree.

  5. They have a cozy home. I know all about painting trim because I painted ours. We bought our house brand new but it had oak trim which I didn't like so I painted it all white. Took me a year but I'm so happy I did it! Thanks for sharing and Happy Thanksgiving!

    Autumn blessings,

  6. What a lovely home with such a lot of land and space! It's so nice that the family know the history of the home too - and how lovely to have the hand prints etc. Once when my husband was driving past his late grandpa's old house, where he had helped his grandpa lay concrete, he stopped just to have a look at the outside. He spoke to the owner who was in the garden and explained it was his handprints in the concrete at the back so she took him round to have a look! Thank you for sharing this post with us at the Hearth and Soul Hop.

  7. Such a beautiful home. I love all the space it offers.

  8. Great post! Such a beautiful house! Love hand print idea! I love painting. In our house, we had all white but I wanted some colors! I used pastel colors and it turned out really good!
    Rita |

  9. I like a nice Rancher home, no stairs and just simple and cozy. I can't wait to move into our new home the 30th (:

  10. I like this home because it looks so comfortable, inviting and cozy. Like one of those homes you are happy to go to because it is exactly that - a home and not a house.

  11. I really liked the colorful girl's room. It seems like a happy place to play around, I have a boy but still the little girl in me rejoice on this!

  12. This is a nice home! And I love the girls room.

  13. Omg what a lovely home!!! The girls room is way too cute

  14. Wow it must be so lovely to grow your own vegetables and have so many fruit trees of your own!

  15. It looks like such a lovely family home! I love that they like to make up stories about what previous tenants were like! So fun and interesting!

    Sondra Barker

  16. Very cool! I particularly love the multi-coloured dresser set :) Thanks for sharing this. It shows that many can live in an abode comfortably!

  17. What a lovely home!It gives a perfect Floridian vibes!

  18. How cute and cosy! I woul dlove to live here.


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