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What's Happening Around the Farm

Howdy and Happy Spring......the farm work is in full swing...we have a busy first season ahead of us. If I haven't told you...we are opening our very own Pumpkin Patch and nursery.

This Fall we open our Pumpkin Patch for the first time and we can hardly wait. 

Dylan couldn't resist playing in the tires we rounded up for some of the activities.

Dog dumping season is in full swing and this sweet little girl showed up. She is so well behaved. Baby girl looks like a full blooded black lab and must be under a year old. She is so well-behaved I can't imagine why anyone would let her go.

We have a bazillion trees that need trimming or are dead and need to be cut down for firewood and the boys really wanted to have a bonfire so we made the chores fun and started a bonfire (of course one did more dancing and playing but we got a bunch of work done.)

It's time to spruce up the play area because the farm is about to get invaded by tons of kids and we need to be ready. 

Wait until you see what we have planned for a bunch of old tractor tires.

For the first time ever I made it to our back fence and took this picture of the view. Isn't it pretty. You can almost touch the sky.

Who needs video games and t.v. when it's nice outside and you have trees. The kids were up them all weekend.

Church, Easter egg hunting, planting day lilies, pizza eating, and lots of planning made up a great Easter weekend. 

I'd say it was a success.  

For the sad news Mr. Wade lost his best friend yesterday. She was in her 40's and was found dead in her bathroom. Not the news we wanted to hear after such a great weekend.

It's been a hard couple of days, but we will get through it.

Her funeral is going to be on my birthday it looks like. Sadly, it won't be the first funeral I have attended on my birthday but that's life.

I have lots of great how to posts coming up. The farm is slowly starting to take shape.

How about you, how was your Easter?

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  1. How exciting that you are going to have a pumpkin patch this fall. That dog is adorable. Nothing like outside fun time for the kids!

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. That's always a difficult time.

    So many exciting things going on there! The view is breathtaking!
    I hope you'll share this outdoor post on The Maple Hill Hop!

  3. Things are looking good around the farm. The boys seem to be having a great time too! So sorry for your loss.

  4. Pumpkin patches are so exciting! We have a tiny one on our homestead, but it's not for profit for the farm--just a hobby so we can watch all the kids come and play. I'll be looking forward to watching yours grow. Those kids you got there are sure cute!

  5. Such a busy life w/ lots going on! :) So sorry about your friend.... hope all else goes well. :)

  6. What fun memories are being made for your family. The kids are so cute and look like they are having a blast. Having a pumpkin patch sounds fun That's awful about the 40 hear old woman. Wow, that is way TOO young to pass away! Thanks for sharing with SYTC.


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