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Reading, Rain, and a Few Killer Deals

A big hello from our homestead......it has been raining for days and finally stopped Tuesday night...we are still swimming our way out. It's muddy and wet everywhere.

This is just a sample of how high our grass is everywhere. It's going to take the weed eater and a couple swipes with the mower to get it all down. 

Good thing we only mow the front 2 acres because if we mowed it all I would move somewhere far away from so much mowing.

Well you know how many of you have been sharing your killer deals you've been finding all over at your favorite department stores and discount stores? I've been shopping too....and since our town is made up of 3 gas stations and a Dollar General I got my groove on shopping at DG and scored my hubby a hoody, 2 sweatshirts and me a pair of sweat shirts for a $1 each. 


It's not World Market but hey when you are bored out of your mind you can officially waste 20 minutes of "just looking" shopping there. Oh....what's a city girl to do in the country when it rains?

Before I forget I got a stockpot for .90 cents and a new roaster for $1.50 Not too shabby for DG.

Reading is what I do when it's pouring down rain outside and I am finishing up this great trilogy by Nora Roberts called, "The Inn Boonsboro." It's romance and mystery and I so love it. I highly recommend it. I got mine from the library in the next town and I'm addicted to the library. They have the books out on display so they aren't all filed on the shelves and boring...you can pick them up and flip through the pages.

Another interesting series that I've been hunting down with the help my Facebook peeps is Linda Lael Millers "Montana Creed" series. 

I had been reading a series of books based in a town called Tyler and for the life of me couldn't remember that name.  It's a series of books about how a small town came about the history, the romances, and the mystery. Are you seeing a theme here with me?
Anyway turns out that it's a much larger series there are 3 towns each with several books in it. 

I'm so excited....my Summer reading list is here. 

Overnight I came down with a terrible tummy ache and my hubby has it too. 

We are going to take it easy today and get back to the painting and garden tomorrow.

Maybe by tomorrow night it will dry up enough to mow.

What's happening in your world? Any good books on your Spring and Summer reading lists?

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  1. I, too, am a Dollar General fan. It's the closest place to shop around me, too, but I've never sound such good bargains as you did. Great job.

  2. Reading is one of my favorite things to do!

    And I love Dollar General. Congrats on your great deals!

  3. I used to work at dollar general they have the best stuff!

  4. I love going into the Dollar General. It seems like the smaller the town is, the better the items will be.

  5. The Dollar General is definitely a dangerous place for me to go! I will go there occasionally to buy my students prizes for the classroom store we have and end up spending much more than I intended!

  6. Please send some rain my way. Panama doesnt rain a lot during its dry season at all. It sucks lol. Enjoy your summer reading. I am currently reading some ebooks about blogging. I wish there was a DG store where I'm at but that's too bad!

  7. I'm glad it hasn't been raining here in Texas because our dog is a lot of work when its wet out! I haven't read any Nora Roberts books before, but I start reading a Ruth Ware book and it is great.

  8. When it's rainy I get to cozy up and binge on Netflix! Great deals you found

  9. I can't wait to see what you guys do with that garden after dries up out there in your crops get to growing

  10. Woow, for 1$? That is amazing price. I have the same roaster, got it from Walmart and it was around 20$ I think.

  11. Oh my I need those pots you got. That is a great price for those.

  12. I'm looking for good books but I'm not really sure what I'm going to read. I run the teen department at my library so I really want to be reading that.

  13. Great finds! We recently got a Dollar General closer to my home. I've heard that they have really great clearance at times. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Wow you are lucky to have snapped all of those deals! Sadly we do not have any Dollar store around my area. I wish we did so that I can do some shopping there too.

  15. Sweats at $1.?!?! You know how many sweats I would have bought!!!!!

  16. This is funny. I do not think I could make it in the country. I am very proud of you. You have adapted well and are doing a great job. The bargains you found are excellent. That mowing grass, well, although I could do it. I know I would need a riding mower.

  17. I love Nora Roberts! I own over 100 of her books. She has quite a few other series that are mystery and romance. If you have never read the garden series by her, check it out!


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