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How to Freshen Up an Old Fridge

Sometimes when I open the fridge door I look at it and it just seems dingy. Now I have 2 fridges, one is in the office it's my fancy new one I got after the fire. The 2nd is in our cottage and it's an old one a friend gave me. Why did I put the new one in the office did you say? Simple, I am going to move it to our house once it's built and it only got one scratch on it when it was moved so I didn't want the chance of moving it a 2nd time to the cottage.  I'm making do. Many of us have to make do with our appliances we can't go out and buy a new one just because we want it but that's no reason to settle for a dingy fridge that's yellowed over time. 

This is how my fridge looked before. Pretty basic.

The door has lots of adjustable shelves. Lot's of fridge yellow over time and with a lot of elbow grease you can help whiten it up but I'm more of a why bother let's just pretty it up so it makes us smile more.

I had some leftover easy liner from another project and thought about returning it but let's be honest I'm probably not going to remember to get it out of the car when I go to the store so it's better served for this project.

This is the spongey reusable type liner that can even wash in the sink or washing machine so it's perfect for this. Just roll it out along your shelves and cut to size.

I even cut little pieces for the door shelves.

Now to get it to stick you have to wet the paper ever so slightly.

Press the paper into place and voila.....loveliness.

Now isn't that much better. Some people like to call it pimping I call it cottage charm in the fridge.

So go and have some fun in your fridge the sky is the limit.

I'd love to know do you love your fridge?

Hugs from Oklahoma,


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  1. That is so cute! You will smile every time you open the fridge and see those happy checks.
    I have the same checks on my pantry shelves.

    Good job!

  2. Stopping by from Jan's party. It's a creative way to help our old fridge's look dressed up without the yellow! Great way to keep things from slipping off too. So cute!

  3. Never even thought of decorating the fridge. Wonderful!

  4. NOW, Valerie girl, you have a FRIDGE WITH AN ATTITUDE...hahhaa gotta love it.

  5. I have used that same liner in my kitchen drawers and love it! Checks are just cheery! Great idea to use it in your fridge. Would not have thought of that. We just got a new fridge, so I do love it. Our old fridge was nice, but you could not open the door all of the way or it would hit the island. It was in this home when we bought it and I asked the owners if they would leave it and they did. We've lived with it for over years. Then one of the crisper drawers broke and we decided to go for it and buy a new one. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. That's cheerful and cute, and if you get tired of it, it's easy to replace. We only have a tiny - 3.3 cubic foot - fridge, with one shelf, so I don't think decorating it would be a good idea. :)

  7. Love the idea - easy peasy lovely!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  8. I was lucky to get a new propane fridge four years ago. It replaced an old one that looked really tired, but it was also very small. I went from an RV 8 cubic foot right up to a much larger 15 home-style fridge. It was well worth it. But I'm not sure why propane fridges cost so much more than their electric cousins. - Margy

  9. nice idea. I actually used plastic place mattes in mine to making cleaning easier. I love it.

  10. I most definitely need to do something like this to my fridge. Looks so much better. cdahlgren at live dot com

  11. How cute of an idea is this. I love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me.

  12. I'd have never thought of this! My momma bought spray paint and painted her dishwasher door.
    Please drop by!

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  13. Thank you for posting this- I really need to freshen up our fridge, I'm actually kind of embarrassed about it's current state. This will be helpful!

    I stopped by from Wicked Awesome Wednesday.

  14. That's adorable! What a treat to open the fridge and see that! ;0D

  15. I love this! My fridge isn't that old but I think I'll still add this to make it look cleaner. Now, if I could just find a way to improve the look of my well-used 27 yr old cookstove.

  16. What a new and fresh look! So cute! Happy weekend! xo Holly

  17. Really happy that i found you.
    Nice greetings from the romantic shabby girl from austria
    Your new follower

  18. I have one old fridge that no one is using. Going to use these tips to make it get back to work. Thanks for sharing


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