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23 Ways to Add Farmhouse Style to Your Home

#1 ~ buffet and shelving

It's no secret that we moved to the country over a year ago and are renovating a cottage we are staying in until we build our forever home. I've been collecting pictures when I go out and about for my many ideas of things I'd like to add to my home when it's built. Multiple ideas fill my mind and keep my creative juices flowing and I thought I would share with you today....things I'm considering for my home.

                                              #2 ~ rolling kitchen island with open storage

                                #3~ old door hung sideways with a favorite mural painted on it                                              

                               #4 ~ every farmhouse needs an old rocker ( I have just the one)

                           #5 ~ farm lamp   #6 ~ light bulb vase w/ fresh rosemary  #7 ~ recycle old utensils

                           #8 ~ use brown and black burlap for curtains  #9 ~ chandelier that looks like candles

                           #10 ~ use thick rope to cover cords  #11 ~ cover a favorite light or shade w/ burlap

                           #12 built- in shelving to store wood indoors
                           #13 ~ using metal shelving for an open wet bar concept

                           #14 ~ moveable storage option with lots of drawers for storage ( seeds and herbs                                            would be great in here)

                           #15 ~ handmade paper towel holder from the plumbing department

                           #16~ visiting the plumbing department for napkin rings

                           #17 ~ toilet paper holder made from plumbing parts

                           #18 ~ using dish towels as napkins

                           #19 ~ portable table and bar stools to eat on ( makes it easier to clean around)

                           #20 ~ open storage for herb garden ( makes it handy to grab while cooking )


             #21 ~ use an old door and paint w/ chalkboard paint and use                                                                              for menus.

                                                #22 ~ use old whiskey barrel tops and hang for art

                                  #23 ~ make a faucet out of plumbing part  ( love this)

  I've also thought of using rope to tie my curtains onto the   rods and using the letters EIEIO when you walk in the house just for some fun.

Oh the life of a farmer and a daydreamer. 

So do you think you would use any of these ideas? 

I know I am. My hubby jokes that I take pictures everywhere we go but it's a way that I chronicle my ideas.

To see the magic I worked on our little cafe on a super tight budget go here. ( yes I decorate everywhere I go that's why I don't get my own stuff done.)

Now to get back to work still waiting on more baby goats to get here.

Hugs from Oklahoma,


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  1. There's nothing in the world more fun than planning what you want in a new place.
    You have some amazing ideas and inspirations here.

  2. We moved here 2 years ago and it was such fun to plan what we would bring and do. I also remember when we built the last house, which we lived in for 29 years! It was ALWAYS a work in progress:) Yours will be wonderful!

    1. Pinky I love your new place I think it looks great.

  3. So many great ideas... I especially love that painted door. hmmmm.... where could I hang one? : ) Do you ever watch Fixer Upper? I love love love everything about this show. She has great farmhouse style.
    Happy Thursday!!!!!!

    1. Leslie I love Fixer Upper watched it again last night.

  4. Love the old door turned sideways! I've never thought of doing it that way.

  5. Well, you've got lots of inspirational pictures that's for sure. I love do the same and planning for things to come. When we finished our basement I showed the cabinet guy 6 or 7 photos of what I wanted. Guess what? He got it right. lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Great ideas. I do love the country life.~~Dee

  7. I use the indoor wood shelf idea. I made mine easily out of 2X4s with top out of a 1X12 board. I painted the legs tan and the top white. It's in our guest room under a window. The top gives me a place to display and store things, and the open area underneath allows me to keep about four days worth of wood handy for our wood stove. In a small cabin I like having dual purpose items. - Margy

  8. Nice ideas. :) Thank you for sharing them.

  9. All fabulous ideas Valerie! I am so in love with open shelving that I am ready to pull off all of my kitchen cabinets doors! Thank you so much for coming by and sharing over at SYS link party. Have a wonderful week!
    XO Barbara

  10. Great looks! Thank you for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  11. Lots of neat ideas.
    Thanks for visiting me at Harvest Lane Cottage and talking back!

    Hi Valerie,
    I graduated from the University of Central Oklahoma. I'll receive that hug and send one in return!

  12. I love the EIEIO letters on the wall. That idea I would steal for sure.

  13. Thanks for sharing all these farmhouse tips at my Show and Share Party.


  14. So many cute ideas. I love the chalkboard idea and the buffet and shelving ideas. Thanks for sharing on Sunday's Best.

  15. My roots lie in the country where I was born, most of my family still do. However I live in the city now but love all the country touches. I love everything you showcased. You will love my tractor I have featured today.

  16. Love the idea of the rolling island. We are on the last lap of our stages in life. Settling into our "Golden Years." Trying to down size and so hard to get rid of things so long in our everyday lives. Happy that you are enjoying your new experience. Blessings in all you do.


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