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I Can't Believe June is About Over

There is just no way June is about over. Where did the time go? We have been working our hineys off on our new business. We snuck away to celebrate Father's Day with my dad and his wife for an afternoon. It was fun. We ate BBQ and he ordered a chicken sandwich, lol.

Twice we got to rush and go overnight to spend some time with the Mr.'s family at the Winstar Casino. It's the halfway point between both of our places. I just love the gift shop there. If people would save their money gambling and just shop they'd at least come home with something.

We took Billy to lunch at Chili's when he went with us to buy our first riding lawnmower. He had a blast.

The best part of the casino besides the pool and the breakfast is that you get to walk all the way through it and each area is a different country. It's huge. The fountains are incredible

This quite possibly has become my favorite breakfast besides my mom's crepes. It's called the Fox and Lot plate. It's rolled salmon with capers, onion, tomatoes, and cream cheese and you stick it all on a warm toasted bagel. It's worth the drive just for this.

Here's the Mr. with his sister. I got to meet her for the first time on our wedding weekend. She is so sweet. The woman is also a master gambler, she wins galore. 

The one and only time I have been swimming this Summer was at the pool. It's incredible... Isn't it pretty?

We are debating long term about doing fried pies in our store and stopped off in the mountains to try the best fried pies in Oklahoma. They were OK.. I didn't tell them that though...wink.

I had to sneak in one more picture of the gift shop at Winstar. Isn't the wallpaper cute? I am in the process of setting up my store so I love looking at other peoples.

Ramona is just adorable. She is the mom of 5 so I have 5 more nieces and nephews.

              Here is the Mr. trying to win. He did pretty well he usually at least breaks even.

So all in all we have gotten to play for 3 days but it's back to the grind. It's time to dress up the campgrounds and the store. The fun stuff is coming.

How about you? How is your Summer going?
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  1. hi Valerie, our summer is going ok, we are loving all the rain and no tornadoes

    Ive heard about those "famous" fried pies down south and wondered how good they really were My mom used to make fried pies with dried peaches and dried apricots Hers were panfried in an almost dry electric skillet and the fruit flavor was so intense. But you would probably have to sell them for $5 or more each to make a profit with dried fruit so expensive anymore

    Ive never been to a casino. Did you know there are now more casinos in Oklahoma than Walmarts, really! I looked it up.

    have a good weekend!

  2. The days are flying by! I've never been to a casino before but really want to try my "bad" luck sometime. Sounds like you all had a nice time.

  3. The apple and blackberry pies are amazing!!! Almost as good as Granny used to make. I think you didn't like yours as much because they weren't glazed.


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