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How to Stock a Storm Shelter


Being we are coming up on the anniversary of last years deadly tornado I thought it would be a good time to do a post on how to stock your storm cellar. 


Starting yesterday - Tuesday we are in the path of what they think will be the most likely area to have tornadoes, the most in the last 20 years.

Although I can think of a million things to put in my storm cellar, uh umm, there isn't room and my hubby won't let me. I would try believe me. Do the best you have though with what you have on hand. 

First, you need a plastic tote with a lid. Then batteries and  a flashlight.

I bought 2 gallons of distilled water to keep down in the cellar. We made our own first aid kit and included a scissors.

A blanket, and hygiene products are also very important to have.


Water, blanket, change of clothing, granola bars, toilet paper, kleenex, medication, copies of important papers, copies of pictures. Animal crates if they will fit. Seating, weather radio, a whistle to get the attention of people outside if you are stuck in side the cellar. First aid kit, scissors, hand sanitizer, cough drops, and a few scoops of pet food. A leash and collar are a good idea too. Diapers and wipes if you have kids and wet-wipes aren't a bad idea either. Hand sanitizer is a must.We also bought 2 flashlights with batteries.

As I'm typing this up we have super high winds banging against the house. For now this is a great start. The most important thing to have in the shelter is yourself. Don't hang outside and watch the storm.

If you can double latch the cellar and park your cars and things as far away from the cellar as you can. You want to keep area as clear as possible.

Don't forget to contact your local authorities to see if they will register the cellar for you and make sure to call a friend or family member out of town to let them know if they don't hear from you within 24 hours of the storm to call it in to your authorities and make sure they have your address. If you are able take your purse, wallet, cell phones, and lap tops down in the cellar but if there isn't time don't go back for them, just get in the cellar.

I hope this gives you an idea to get started. Although we can always think of more things and I would love you to leave a comment if you do, remember, something is better than nothing.

Stay Safe.

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  1. I cannot imagine living in a tornado prone area. There was a devasting tornado in my part of Ontario(Canada) in May of 1985. I was 10 and I remember it like it was yesterday. We do get tornado warnings here, but nothing like what you must get. Still, it is good to be prepared, even if it is only a remote possibility we may be hit. Thanks for the post.

    1. Theresa you are welcome for the post and I'm so glad you were OK when the tornado hit. They are memorable aren't they?

  2. Important safety tool for your storm shelter are helmets for all the possible occupants - even a bike helmet can save a person from serious head injuries ....

  3. I am from a Asian country. i am not face every any tornado or sea storm but we face some flood bags and earthquake. so i think your article helpful for me.

  4. We just purchased similar items in preparation for Hurricane Matthew. Praying you stay safe this season.

  5. This is great advice for those in the areas where Tornadoes happen. SO glad I do not have to worry about this. Be safe.

  6. We don't have cellars here in SC but this is a helpful list of things we need for this hurricane that's hitting us right now!

  7. Great advice. I used to live in Oklahoma and we had a tornado shelter.

  8. how timely is this advice! Thanks for posting this and I hope many who have endured this hurricane Matthew can see your post to prepare.

  9. I think this is great info with the hurricane FL just had!

  10. That is a really good list. Even though we don't have cellers out here in Phoenix, AZ, my hubby is a "Prepper" and keeps a bug-out box on hand. But I hadn't thought to pack pet supplies and feminine hygiene products. I'm going to throw some of those in there right now!

  11. Very valuable and timely information! I live in Florida and we're always stocked up on the essentials. It's so important not only to be prepared, but to know what to be prepared with.

  12. Super important information that everyone needs to know! I have moved to DFW from Houston and have yet to experience a tornado and never know how to prepare for one. These items are essential and people also need to keep them in their cars as well.

  13. This is great to know!!!! I lived in FL for many years and we had a kit ready to go just in case anything would happen!

  14. I love this idea! A great resource for the events that have been happening lately!

  15. Talking from experience, preparing for a storm is the smartest thing anyone can do. As far as storm shelters are concerned, this is the most remarkable preparedness blog I have ever read. Find more hurricane shelter stocking tips here:

  16. Here in New England, I would have thought we wouldn't have to worry so much about this, but we had a tornado five years ago, and then just one last month. Really frightening. The best way to combat the fears is preparation. Thank you for sharing this.

  17. What a timely post. We live in Iowa and tornados are definitely something we think about every year. I'm glad for the reminder to make sure we have all the necessary supplies in the basement. It's the worst searching for a flashlight when it's pitch dark!

  18. Great information. To be honest, I would have never thought about the toothbrushes. That is a great item to include on the bag. Nothing like being prepared for everything, even if it does never happens, it gives you a piece of mind.

  19. I always worry about this kind of thing. We are in FLorida and worry about hurricanes so it is helpful to always be prepared. I will use some of your tips to start my own kit. Water is a must along with radio for the weather!

  20. Looks like you are ready and have everything thought out. I would have never thought of keeping hygiene products but that's actually brilliant. That's something I should include in all my emergency kits.

  21. Wow I never thought about stocking a storm shelter, but I probably should. You thought of everything! I wish I had this before I moved from Delaware as we had storms all the time there. Very good tips!

  22. Wow! I've never thought of this before. Thankfully I live in a city where major storms don't occur often. These are good tips though!

  23. Great tips, especially the hygiene products. I honestly would be in such a state of panic I would probably forget water haha. We don't get tornadoes in Las Vegas, but I will note your tips if I'm ever somewhere that does.

  24. This is such a great list!! I never even considered doing this. I know I would have forgotten my feminine products for sure.. it's weird the stuff we don't even think about but would definitely need.


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