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Affordable Simple Shelf Liner Paper

For years my mom has always come to settle my kitchen whenever I move. This time I don't have her to do it. I'm so glad I paid attention to some of the most economical and simple things she taught me.

Shelf Paper should be simple.

No messing with sticky contact paper that the corners flip up on you and stick to the other side of the paper before you can ever get it laid down.

No spongy stuff that leaves leftover pieces when you pull it up to wash it.

No sir or mam.


You got it. For $1.00 at the Dollar Store you too can have the  most affordable, simple, and clean option available.

Just pull, tear, and fold.

The best part is when it gets dirty you just pull it out, trash it, and tear off another piece.

My mom was a smart woman.

We finally got our new dishes delivered and I plan on spending the day cleaning them and organizing them.

Too cute. I will show you tomorrow. For tonight, it's still styrofoam plates.

Happy Friday,


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  1. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

  2. Very clever and very practical!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week!


  3. Great tip! I hate that spongey stuff and the sticky stuff! Wax paper is perfect! I came from Favorite Things!

  4. Thanks for joining the party at Simple & Sweet Fridays. Great idea!


  5. Thanks for having me Jody. I love it.

  6. Keeping it simple, by using wax paper. Love this.

  7. Such a simple and yet practical solution and you can't get much better than one dollar. I wonder how durable they will be? but as you say, at that price you can just toss it and put in another layer.

  8. This makes so much sense. I get so sick of sticky stuff on a lot of my shelves. It would save so much time and energy to use wax paper to protect my shelves. I love that it can be changed so easily too - the worst is when something like honey makes a sticky mess on a shelf and then everything else gets in it!

  9. This DIY is super convenient and really practical. My shelves tend to get sticky as well so this is a great solution!

  10. Oh cool! Good idea! I agree, that is particularly handy because you can just pull it up when it gets dirty.

  11. I am big fan of the dollar store and I always get my self liners from there. There is no point a lot of money for liners.

  12. We always put down shelf liner in our cabinets but we have been in our house now for over 10 years, I should probably replace it. I think I will use this great idea you shared. Thanks for the inspiration to update! lol!

  13. What would we do without our moms?! Her idea of using wax paper for shelf lining is the best! My mom taught me to use old calendars. She said the colors would be lovely, and it is! I will have to try wax paper next time. I'll be missing the colors of those old calendars though.

  14. I would have never thought to use wax paper for this job. This is such a great tip to teach other moms too. I love this and it would have made moving in to my home a whole lot easier as I was searching everywhere for contact paper when i could have just used this!

  15. so clever and that really transforms the insides of the cabinets! great tip


  16. Great idea plus its economical and saves your time. Your Mom is really smart!

  17. That's awesome! I am terrible at putting shelf paper on. I always place it so that there are bubbles/bumps and it drives me CRAZY.

  18. What a great idea! I'll have to remember this. I don't think I even use shelf paper right now, but I probably should to protect everything.

  19. I love this idea. I never would have thought to use wax paper. Brilliant!

  20. This is such a great idea esp. on a white kitchen cabinet like what we have. I agree to you I hate those contact paper that corners flip after long time using it and they quite expensive too.

  21. Fantastic idea! I've used contact paper in the past and it's such a hassle. Wax paper seems like such a more logical solution.

    Beth ||

  22. Thats quite a neat idea. I am going to use this! I always try to find the best ideas for my small kitchen.

    Isaly Holland |

  23. Super practical! What a great idea, thanks for sharing!


  24. Your mama is so smart. That is a genius and cheap idea.

  25. My mom used waxed paper all the time. I never used to use it much but find myself reaching for it more and more. What a great idea of yours!

  26. Yay, we've been using wax paper for a long time now! It's perfect, no hassle! 😁
    Expressing Life

  27. Good and practical solutions.Wax paper is great!

  28. What a brilliant idea! I've never thought that before! This is really perfect! I will try it too.

  29. You are a smart cookie! This is such a simple and clever idea.

  30. What? $1.00! I'm on it. Thank you for this. I just moved and I'm unpacking everything and this is a hack I needed.


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