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Busy As A Bee

Bussssy Work.

Do you ever feel like you have a bazillion projects to complete and you finally make plans to get them done and then the universe puts everything  in  your  way? That's me for the last week. The harder I try to get it done the more things pile up and distract me.

Sorry world but your going to have to wait.

Mommy needs to paint the hallway and the ceiling and then the girls room.

When mommy is done I will return to the insane number of phone calls it takes to raise six children and  oversee the care of my mom and grandma.

For now though I just wanna chill with my doggies and get my house settled.

I'm craving nesting.

Maybe it's the heat outside or the recent loss of Rockie, our beloved dog.

This mommy needs to stay close to home tomorrow.

I'm mourning and will be for a long time to come.

My heart needs to feel safe and nurture my loved ones.

I declare Wednesday, Mommy stays home day.

So Mommies stay home, stay cool, and chill.

Happy Tuesday,

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