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To Grandmother's House We Go

Perhaps it's possible my first love of decorating came from my mother but, I'm totally convinced my love of frugality came from my grandmother.

To this day my 89 year old grandmother has items that are in mint condition that have never been damaged that her parents have passed down to her.

About six weeks ago we made the decision to move her to assisted living and it was bitter sweet. One, we knew she'd have constant attention but two, I knew of her deep desire to stay in her home and be surrounded by her memories and things she loves was what made it hard to leave.

Just as I thought she's gone quickly downhill since the move and we are contemplating if it's possible to get her the care she needs where she's at, or do we want to move her back home.

Well before we started moving her stuff up to assisted living I grabbed my camera and snapped away.

This is by far my favorite spot outside of the house.

It's right off the kitchen door. It's overshadowed by this baby---

The last owners saved an original plaque from the original owners telling the story of "Zaccheus."

Our beloved childhood dog,Parsley who lived to be 23, is buried there, and my grandmother and I used to spend hours gardening and dividing the lilies. Notice the filled in concrete steps my grandpa filled in when once my grandmother tripped on the way out to the guest house, to the 2nd set of ovens. He thought he was helping her but she wasn't too happy about it. She thought it was "unique" that the gravel was in between. The reason I loved the path was because it always involved the smell of extra yummy food and pretty flowers.

My 2nd favorite spot is this, 

Now this is what I call a backyard!!!!

You just chill out here. Grandpa loved to make breakfast, lunch, snacks, happy hour, and dinner and he loved to eat outside. We spent hours out here.

I miss the boats more than words can say.

I love this old black kettle. Grandma and I used to plant sedum plants everywhere.

When I was sick as a little girl mom would have me go to Grandma and Grandpas house and Grandma would make me homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and Grandpa would get me Sprite and ice cream with strawberries. They would also make sure I had ample access to cable tv and a radio in bed to listen to for when I wanted to rest. I wasn't spoiled at all!!!!

Isn't the antique furniture wonderful! The only thing missing, from when Grandpa stayed in here, is the running Road Runners that would spin when we'd turn on the fan.  My Grandpa when he wasn't waiving at cows, would go Beep, Beep, just like the Roadrunner. We loved it.

Thanks for wondering down Memory Lane with me. I'll show you some more pictures of Grandma's house next weekend. They are memories that were made there that will forever be in my heart.



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  1. I love grandparent homes. Your grandma had very good taste.
    I loved my grandma's house, her style is almost exactly what I love today.
    Hugs, Cindy

  2. I wish I had pictures of my Gma's house. Sometimes it's hard to remember the details. But I still remember the fun times and good food. Thanks, Cindy

  3. This is a beautiful home and as the photos reflect, elegant surrounds. Your grandmother is very lucky to have such a caring grandchild.

  4. What a beautiful tour of your grandparents place. Saw this on BNOTP and had to come. So glad I did. How wonderful you all have each other to love and take care of. You will be blessed for your goodness and kindess. You have a delightful blog.Im going to follow you.

  5. Your grandparents have such a beautiful place. Love the fact that your Grandpa loved cows and went beep beep just like the roadrunner. Thanks for all your creative post you shared with us at Sunday's Best.

  6. Loved taking your memory lane. That is one good thing about memories, no one can take them away from you.

  7. I am the gramma now and my hubby and I are struggling to stay in our home. A two story house with stairs to climb at 78 is not a good chance to take. We are in fairly good health but no one goes on forever. A fall can end things quickly. I loved the way you lovingly described your good memories. We have 10 grands and I am just now finishing up an afghan for the 9th one to graduate from high school. They all got one at grad. One more next year and that is all of them. I love being a grandma.

  8. What a sweet story you shared this morning. There is something special about grandparents that words cannot express. I only have one left, and I treasure her so! I miss my others that are gone, but they remain in my heart and memories forever. Thanks for sharing your memories. I hope that you have a wonderful day!!!

  9. This is a sweet post. Not sure where you live but if it gets to that point there may be home health aides that can assist with keeping her home. A lot if time its cheaper for insurances to keep someone home with staff vs the cost of full time nursing home. :)

  10. What a lovely home. I am impressed with that backyard. That lake looks wonderful.

  11. Aww,this is so pretty.
    I think all Grandmas have that special something!
    I remember how much I loved staying at my Grandma's place before she passed away.
    Great memories.

  12. Now that is one backyard, I am sure the memories will forever be in your heart and sorry about your grand hope she starts to do better.

  13. WoW! Thanks for reminiscing with us about your grandparents! The aging process can take such a toll on a family, so it's important to cherish our good memories.

  14. Your grandparents home and garden is so lovely and tranquil looking! Sounds like you have some wonderful memories attached to the home and your Grandma & Grandpa.

  15. Omg loving the photos!!!! Since I moved a lot when I was a kid because of my dads job, my grandmothers house always was like "home" to me since it never changed

  16. I love your photos and also your childhood memories. It's always feeling safe and home with grandparents... I also enjoyed stayed with my grandparents, and they never say no, haha

  17. Aw, these photos are beautiful. Growing up, our grandparents actually lived with us, so it felt like we were building a home together!

  18. I love my grandmothers house. I remember this swing that I would be on for hours

  19. It's great going down memory lane and appreciating our grandparents things and their history.

  20. I love these photos of your childhood memories. Your grandparents home is so lovely!


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