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Grandmothers House Part 2

I'm humbled by the overwhelming response of support about my grandmother and very grateful. Grandparents hold such a special place in our hearts, they love us unconditionally. 

I'm so glad you all enjoyed the pictures of her home, I thought I would share some more. This is her buffet, it stores fine china and  many tablecloths, placemats, and napkin rings. If I could only count the number of times I set the table with her. It was so much fun. Sitting down to dinner and entertaining was so important to both my grandparents. They even sat with us during snack time and we'd play dominoes.

This is Grandma's kitchen, it's so her! Complete with the mauve window treatments.
Please excuse the mess of paperwork and the garbage disposal box on the island, she'd kill me if she knew there was a mess there. I didn't create it and my mom and uncle are sorting through papers so I wasn't allowed to clean it either!  Sorry Grams!!!!
By the way, isn't it weird how stuff breaks when nobody is staying at the house? I still don't get that!

Oh how I love oil cloths and trinkets and plates from so many places. When I think of the years I have spent in the kitchen it warms my heart. Baking cookies, learning how to make cornbread stuffing, giblet gravy, homemade pies and cobblers mmm I can still smell it now. I just love the many oilcloth tablecloths, so many different colors.

Her Whirlpool refrigerator still WORKS from 20+years ago. Love it! Now just to be clear my Grandma would shoot me if she was coherent and saw these pictures, so Shhh don't tell. She is a neat freak and wouldn't be happy about the mess! The good news is I didn't make it and they won't let me clean it up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!!

Thanks for sharing my tour with me, I love walking down memory lane. I can't believe that I'm losing my grandmother any day now, it's soo hard. She's part of my immediate family, not my extended family and I don't  know what to do without her my heart is just breaking. The pictures really help.



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  1. Hi Valerie,

    Thanks for linking to my party!


  2. Hello Valerie, I so enjoyed your post and things you love about your grandma. Your memories of your time with her are wonderful. I didn't know my grand parents very well because we moved away when I was 9. I did love them though and they too loved to cook and bake and make life fun for their grandchildren. I am so sorry you are going through which is her last bit of time with you.


  3. Love this post. I wish I could go back down memory lane like that. It's amazing that appliances from like 20 years ago still work but yet after like 2 years our iPhones break down. :(


  4. Thanks for being so open and transparent by sharing this personal piece! :)

  5. You're very sneaky taking those messy pictures! ;) It's so nice that your grandmother's kitchen holds so many memories for you.

  6. What a great post. That's so awesome that the fridge is still working! I hope ours lasts as long.

  7. Awh that is so nice that you treasure a nice memory like that with your grandmother.

  8. Awwww grandparents are the best, I do miss spending time with them. I love how they always seem to have a lot of stuff!

    Lennae xxx

  9. Grandparents are the best I only got the chance to meet my grandfather. I was so lucky to be able to have him live with us so I got to spend quality time playing cards with him. My parents had a in law sweet which was really nice while he was with us. It's very nice that you have these photos to look back on to bring you fond memories. I was so mad at my mom for giving away this hideous couch with a floral pattern on it becaue it reminded me of him. :) memories must be cherished ��

  10. Hello Valerie,

    thank you for sharing us these very special and personal photos of your grannies house. It is indeed very warm and touching, and even the photos shows that you have a lovely childhood. A warm thank you!

  11. Wonderful to see you sharing your memories from your grandmothers house. So sorry for your loss. It made me nostalgic for my own grandmothers home.

  12. Definitely made me cry a little, I unfortunately can not remember what my grandparents kitchen looked like so glad that you took us on your memory lane walk

  13. Oh how lovely. I was sad that I couldn't have these types of memories of my gram as she died when I was eleven. I do have memories, but not in a physical way with things. The images are lovely.

  14. I love this personal share. I never met my grandmother's, I long for warm memories like these.

  15. Isn't there something so special about the Grands house and the memories it brings visiting there! Lovely post!

  16. Grand Ma's kitchen and her cooking holds an important place in out lives. My Grand Ma is on a different continent and we try to speak every weekend on Skype when she tells me about her entire week and all the amazing goodies she made. I miss her so much!


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