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Do You Have Lots of Hand-Painted Signs in Your Home?

Do you ever look around your home and notice that you have lots of one thing around and you don't even realize it until someone mentions it? For me, I have lots of hand-painted signs and I love them. Truth be told, I had my BFF come over and cut up some old wood shelving I was going to trash into several pieces so I could create more handpainted signs.

No those aren't spider webs up in the corner, it's just the lines on my camera. This is my back door. Home Sweet Home, that's how I want to feel when I come home. Now we all know back door guests are always best so I gotta paint a sign for the outside.

I never thought I would like having a fly swatter hanging by my back door but in an odd sort of way it's really handy. Over the Summer we had a few BBQ's and I was always telling my brother to go grab the fly swatter, finally he got so tired of it he grabbed a hammer and a nail and put it by the door. It works!!!!

One of my other favorites is this dog bone sign that says, "feed me, walk me, love me." I have some original sayings I'd like to get started on but it won't be until Spring, it's too cold for the paint to stick. 

How about you do you have a favorite thing you love to collect around your home?

Happy Weekend.



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  1. I don't have a lot of any one thing. I'm just not artistic enough to make signs like you!

  2. So many things can't count. Live painted signs

  3. Right now, the only things I'm trying to collect are fitness related (for upcoming classes I'm going to be teaching) like hand weights, etc. Not as pretty as hand painted signs, for sure :D

  4. Sadly all my collectibles are in storage due to lack of space. I do love ornaments still though.

  5. I recently salvaged from scrap wood from other family member's projects. I have some signs I'd like to make myself!

  6. These are so cute! I am obsessed with candles :) They're everywhere in my apartment!

  7. I love having little signs scattered around. I have some scrap wood that has been turned into a big sign in my dining room!

    La Belle Sirene

  8. I have lot's of hand painted sign in my room


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