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We Plan, God Laughs

(I took this picture last year for a Christmas Table Design Idea While Boutique Shopping)

It's a good thing I have a great sense of humor. Thursday I turned on my oven and got nothing. No Heat! The pilot light is out and not a soul can figure out where to light it. The stove is ancient. It works great but it's ancient.

So thinking I had a little more time to buy I didn't worry about it. Now it's Saturday morning and I'm at work and our big Thanksgiving is on Sunday evening so I popped over to mom's house and she asked me," where we are we going to have Thanksgiving?"  Well right here at your house mom! Lol!!! I'll prep it at mine and cook it at yours. Let's just say I have an eventful evening of driving back and forth to get ready. She told me," I have lots of cleaning to do." I told her, She can clean and I can cook. It only seems fair to me. So the Thanksgiving decorations are coming down tonight and being put up over at mom's. HA HA!!! Darn Fall holidays can't seem to keep the decorations in one place. I  promise if Christmas is anything like this I'm decorating my minivan and we're going mobile eating fast food out of the car with Christmas lights and music!!!

Needless to say I have a full work day ahead of me. For those of you who are off, enjoy, many of us are jealous. I'd much rather be at home trying to light my gas stove and cooking and cleaning!!!

Enjoy Your Weekend!!!


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