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Inspiration to Warm Up the Outside of Your Home


With Winter's chill coming early this year I have been looking for some ways to brighten up the outside of the house that are both pretty and affordable and also something that can stay out all Winter.

I really love these empty hanging baskets. I have plenty of them I just don't know where I would hide the cord for the lights. Hmmm?

Aren't these lanterns adorable. Someday when I build my dream house I want brick arches in the entryway with gas lanterns and a flame as the lighting.

These are too cute. You know you can make them very cheaply with twine and Christmas lights and use them year after year. I happen to think it's a great project for the whole family.

A very simple heart wreath that's lit up.

A few colorful votives next to some pumpkins on a front porch table would be adorable. The only thing is the candles would melt down quickly. I wonder how some white Christmas lights. intertwined  would look.

It just so happens I have  two of these wreaths with bright red berries that are looking to be hung up on my door and my mom's door right after Thanksgiving.

My favorite, a simple pile of twigs with intertwined white Christmas lights suspended from the ceiling of a porch with rope. I happen to have alot of experience in suspending trees with lights from the ceiling. My entire gift shop was decorated that way and I loved it. We even had fake leaves. It was beautiful!!!

I sure hope you get some inspiration for outdoor decorating from these pictures. I know I have.

Stay warm and Winter blessings.



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  1. beautiful! love the last idea, maybe out on a porch instead of a regular porch light?

  2. Inspiring ideas! Loved how you posted them thank you so much for hsaring them with all of us!

  3. Wonderful ideas. So pretty and "twinkly"! Merry Merry and a Happy Happy!

  4. Some wonderful ideas, Valerie. Some of your pictures are missing but I enjoyed the ones that I can see. I love red berries in a wreath. Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas!


  5. We've been getting the winter chill early this year as well! These are such adorable ideas! I really love the empty baskets with Christmas lights. I think they make lights that don't have the cord and just run off of batteries. Might be something to look into.

  6. Wow gorgeous little ideas. I need to get my crafty side out, thanks for the inspiration.

    Lennae xxx

  7. These are beautiful! I remember back home were I used to make DIY home holiday decors... back home it is easy to source native materials, like dried leaves and twigs, etc. Here in the city you have to buy them! Back home I just pick them up on the side of the road..

    You made me inspired tonight! Thank you!

  8. These are not only great ideas but beautiful. I will have to try some of these out.

  9. Such great photos! Thank you for the awesome inspiration!!!

  10. I really loved them all. I'm terrible with decorating the outside ever since I got hit doing Halloween decorations but I want to pretty it up this year. Thanks!

  11. These are absolutely beautiful ideas, I want to do each and every single one! ☺️ X

  12. Beautiful shots. What camera used for those? Again, your decor ideas are really helpful.

  13. I love all these ideas. I need to try some for sure.

  14. These decorations are beautiful and quite inspirational! They are definitely a great way to warm up your home!

  15. These all look beautiful! I always forget about decorating the outside of my home.

  16. These photos have really gotten me in the autumn mood. I can't wait to get decorating.

  17. I am SO excited to put up my lights this holiday season! I've got boxes and boxes of decorations that are waiting to come out and play!

  18. I love ALL of the holiday decor! I'm a huge fan of holidays in our house. We decorate for all of them, even St. Patrick's Day. The hanging baskets, I think are my favorite. I need some of those.

  19. I love love love those lights under the flower basket. Beautiful. I really need to use some of these ideas to help make our house shine a little brighter during these winter months.

  20. These are such great ideas to decorate your backyard during winter. Love that it only uses simple materials like twigs and lights. I really love those twines with Christmas lights! Would love to try these!

  21. I love the looks of all of the ideas and they have definitely inspired me to get creative with lights. I love decorating with pretty twinkly lights and this time of year shouldn't stop me, they all look great. I am going to get busy now decorating for the new year! Thanks for the inspiration!

  22. The Christmas lights look so beautiful at night. Will you hang these up even after the holiday season? They can inspire and uplift the mood of people inside the house.


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