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If You Have it Ready They Will Come

My heart has been really heavy the last few days. After 14 months of prayer and a long drawn out approval process, it's official, I'm approved to be a bridge resource parent and adopt. For 14 months I have answered questions filled out forms, refilled out forms, been interviewed, returned phone  calls, gone to classes, asked questions, answered questions, done homework, taken surveys and prayed that God will send me the children he wants me to have.

I keep praying they will be home by Christmas. What better Christmas present  for me to give the entire family than to make a difference in a child's life.

Yesterday, I got off the phone with DHS and they told me, "I need to be patient." I'm trying to be patient!
My co-workers say I could have met a man, gotten married, gotten pregnant, and given birth by now. You know what? Their right. I'm not saying that's not in the cards for the future but I feel God has led me to this here and now.

The frustrating part is the waiting. I can't move, can't change jobs, can't make plans until I know when my kids are arriving.

DHS  has a process and the process includes waiting, waiting, and more waiting. My heart is heavy because I'm still waiting. The holidays are here and their are sweet little children, of all ages, waiting for a mommy to love them. clean clothes,  a warm bed, and for a full belly. I'm here to offer it but I have to wait. Wait for them to take a five day vacation next week, wait for them to assign me my own case worker for placement, and just wait because that's the process. I've waited so long my background check has expired and I have to refill it out again. I have to wait for that in the mail too. Then I have to wait for it to be returned again.

See my frustration!!!

Helpless children 3,000 of them an approved home and I just have to wait.

Suddenly cooking and decorating don't seem as important as something as simple as making sure children are safe physically and emotionally.

So for now I'm going back to decorating, back to cooking, and more cleaning. Maybe it will make the wait go faster.

Today I know I'm blessed but I'd like to be the blessing.


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