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A Good Night's Sleep is All I Need

Sometimes when we feel down I've realized it's because we're tired. Raising 8 little puppies and taking care of their abandoned mommy and many other rescues the last few months has left me exhausted. Let's  face it I'm getting sick because I just need some sleep. I sipped on a cup of egg nog last night and fell asleep with the munchkins barking and then they continued to bark on and off all night long. 

And bark and bark and bark.

No wonder I'm in a mood.

My solution is simple...sleep.

So I wasted $20 bucks at the vet for these sedation pills  for the older dogs who had surgery and they still kept me up all night. It didn't work!!! Gag...........................

Starting Saturday I'm going to try to get in a nap. I'm going to make myself turn off the t.v. and lay down for 2 hours. I've never been a napper but I'm so tired I think I'll try.

If I work really hard I can finish up most of the cottage before Thanksgiving and you can see it decorated for Fall FINALLY!!!

So here's to me wishing you not only a wonderful adventurous weekend but get some much needed rest before we have to polish our homes and meals.

Hugs and Kisses


P.S. Don't you just love these pillowcases. I think I need to make some.

P.S.S. Thanks to all of you who have left comments. I'm so sorry Blogger hasn't let me respond to them. I have tried everything.
If anyone knows how to fix it I'd appreciate it.
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