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Finally Getting to Thanksgiving

It's Finally Thanksgiving for our family.

I'm spending the day making all the yummy fixins. Grandma and mom aren't feeling much better so I'm bringing Thanksgiving to them and a few Christmas decorations to decorate Grandma's new home. She's not to happy about assisted living so I'm going to make it feel more homey. 

The fixins include Grandma's Traditional Stuffing and her homemade Giblet Gravy.

This is the first year I haven't had her help. She asked me if I thought I could do it and I winked at her and said I've had lots of practice. 

The benefit of being the baby of the grandkids and having an 89 year old Grandma is that  you get  to spend  lots  of time with  them.

So I'm going back to cooking and you all have a fabulous day!!!


P.S. Most of you would like to know I put together my Thanksgiving feast for under  $30.00. Feel free to check out my adventures in couponing here.

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