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Dreaming of a Perfect Thanksgiving Weekend

I'd like nothing more than to plant myself on the couch and make myself  a cup of hot cocoa and some hot chocolate dippers.

I can't though I'm working all weekend. I still have Thanksgiving to prepare, a house to clean, and shopping to be done by Sunday. Then I have to come back to work again on Monday. How'd this happen?

The good part is that I got a head start on some Christmas decorating yesterday and am moving all the Thanksgiving decor to the kitchen to get ready for our Thanksgiving feast on Sunday. This year the family is getting a little bit of both, candy canes and pumpkins.

Not bad, Thanksgiving late and Christmas early.

These Hot Chocolate Dippers are too cute I can't wait to make them. Thank You "Make Life Delicious" for reminding me of a time honored treat.

Now for those of you who can, cozy up with your loved ones, furry and human, (although I'm not sure mine know the difference) and enjoy your weekend.



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