Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Favorite Holiday Decorating Material

                                              (photo courtesy of another talented blogger)

Everyone has a favorite thing, they love to decorate with. Mine is very simple, grapevine. The stuff works for just about every season. I first learned about decorating with grapevine right before I opened my own music, gift, and home interior shop. All the store owners used it outside of their entryways to entice the customers to come inside. They also used those stick on plastic flower vases that hang on doors. ( I will try to find you a picture.)

I loved how diverse the grapevine was. People used it inside, outside, and everywhere in between. Some leave it bare while others light it up and wrap colorful garland, bows, and trinkets on it.

Check it out being used for Halloween decorations.

Here you see it being used over a doorway  for  everyday use. The birds dress it up. Isn't  it  cute?

I really love how you can bend it just about any direction. If you can't fit the grapevine above your door  try  moving it forward to make an arch on your porch.

The easiest way to work with grapevine, and to get it to do what you want it to do, is to soak it in a bathtub of warm water. Leave it there for 20 minutes grab a few eyehooks and go to town.

How about you? Do you use grapevine? Do you like it? Any tips?

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  1. Beautiful use of grapevine ... all looks gorgeous! And, thanks for the tip about soaking it! I put the grapevine garland on our Fall tree every year, and, ugh, what a mess it creates when bending it! Thanks for sharing. *Becca* (your newest follower by way of 2805)

  2. Thanks for the tip about soaking the grapevine to get it to cooperate! Great tip!

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday. I appreciate your participation!

  3. Yes, I like grapevine too but I only use the wreaths. I agree, you can do a lot with it and you have shared some nice ideas. Thank you for linking up with No Place Like Home and enjoy your day.



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