Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Favorite Holiday Decorating Material

                                              (photo courtesy of another talented blogger)

Everyone has a favorite thing, they love to decorate with. Mine is very simple, grapevine. The stuff works for just about every season. I first learned about decorating with grapevine right before I opened my own music, gift, and home interior shop. All the store owners used it outside of their entryways to entice the customers to come inside. They also used those stick on plastic flower vases that hang on doors. ( I will try to find you a picture.)

I loved how diverse the grapevine was. People used it inside, outside, and everywhere in between. Some leave it bare while others light it up and wrap colorful garland, bows, and trinkets on it.

Check it out being used for Halloween decorations.

Here you see it being used over a doorway  for  everyday use. The birds dress it up. Isn't  it  cute?

I really love how you can bend it just about any direction. If you can't fit the grapevine above your door  try  moving it forward to make an arch on your porch.

The easiest way to work with grapevine, and to get it to do what you want it to do, is to soak it in a bathtub of warm water. Leave it there for 20 minutes grab a few eyehooks and go to town.

How about you? Do you use grapevine? Do you like it? Any tips?

Happy Decorating,


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chocolate and Granola Covered Bananas

First, grab 5 bananas and chop into, 2 inch, bite size pieces. 


Next. take 1 cup of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips add a splash of 1/2 and 1/2 and microwave for 30 seconds at a time, until chocolate is moderately creamy. You might have to add a few extra splashes of half and half to get the desired consistency.

It should look like this. Yummy!

Now grab your favorite granola or cereal. I like any cereal with honey and oats.

We store ours in pretty little glass jars on the counter. It lasts forever that way. It's a great little snack to grab by the handful when you are in a hurry.

Now grab your cutting board and dip each banana in a bit of chocolate just like this.

Next roll it in a bowl of your granola.

Keep going until you get them all dipped in chocolate and granola.

Now, break out the Hershey's syrup and go to town swirling. Swirl all over the bananas.

Are you getting hungry yet?

Make sure to stick them in the freezer for 20 minutes.

Remove them and enjoy!

Let me know what you think. Do you think this is a healthy snack? Would you make it for your family?

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Monday, September 26, 2011

Ooeey Gooey Ideas for Outdoor Halloween Decor

Gotta have it!

In less than 24 hours I get to go to  one  of  my favorite neighborhoods to do one of my favorite things... decorate for Halloween!

Halloween is serious business to me.

There are at least 100 kids who depend on me, to please, every year and so do their hobo dressed parents and  their puppies too!!!

( Note to self... buy dog treats this year... and tell the crazy people NOT to FEED chocolate to their dogs.)

I can hear the "Monster Mash" already.

I needed to see some over the top houses so I totally googled Halloween Decorated Houses.  The other searches kind of stunk.

Look what I found...

Loving it!
Cardboard boxes are great for  headstones...

This came under the heading, "your ride awaits." Ooo wee

How stinkin cute!!!

They live in Vegas!

These would be fun neighbors! I think... hmmm... let me think  on this  one.

What makes this funny is the top hat.

Standing in the jaws of life about to be swallowed up.

For more fun Holiday inspiration go here and here

Now that I'm inspired I'm off to make my plans for tomorrow.  

Halloween is going to be great!

For more holiday inspiration go here and here.

Happy Spooking,


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doing Halloween Up Right...

It would come as no surprise to people who know me, how much I absolute love to go over the top at Halloween, and just about every other holiday. My theory, life is short do it BIG!!!

Now of course, I have to get back  to decorating the front door and entryway but I am going to start with Halloween. Once Halloween is over it will go to Thanksgiving and Christmas and then Valentines...etc. etc....

Let's start with Halloween's the best.


Scrumptious Candy Corn

I need candy for adrenaline and of course color. Really!  It's inspirational. :)

Next I need to mix everyone a drink, using some of the inspirational candy corn above.. Now don't  worry, I'll post the recipe once Halloween is closer.

Now I happen to believe everyone needs a dress like this for the many parties they will be attending for the season. If you aren't going to a party, have one of your own.

Now every girl has to have the perfect accessories. What do you think of the purse and boots  I want to order. I definitely need the buttons too.

Here are a few ideas for the evening hours. Go on  have a little (ALOT) of fun!!!

I've heard lot's of people fall in love around Halloween. Maybe it's the cold air that's good for cuddling. Maybe your special honey will get you one of these. Note.... pick one of the nightime outifts from above and it's sure to increase your chances!!!

I'm thinking of a Masquerade themed party this year. What do you think? The mask could be reused for Mardi-Gras don't you think?

Now make sure to pick up lots of ribbon and sequins for all the crafts we're going to be creating this season.

Just remember, the very best part of the season is spending time getting to know all of you.



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Thursday, September 22, 2011

It Starts at the Doorstep

I've been searching for some wonderful entryway inspiration. I have a general idea what I want to do this year but I never tire of the adorable little ideas that I see online each and every year.  I'm definitely feeling it above.

Not feeling this one.

Like it OK.

Really liking it.

Add a pumpkin and I love it!

Thank You Pottery Barn and all you other fabulous bloggers. I enjoyed the inspiration. Now to get busy on the doorway and painting furniture.

Enjoy the Inspiration,


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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Shows To Fall For

I don't know about you but Fall is my absolute favorite time of year for movies and television. It seems that the creators of shows put a little more effort into decorating the sets to get us in the mood.

I have my top 3 shows and movies I love to watch not only because I love the storylines, but I also love all the decorations.

#1  ---   Stepmom

There is nothing like a movie with Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts to entertain you. Throw in a beautiful McMansion under beautiful trees and fabulous  decor and voila.... a winner.

#2--- Hocus  Pocus

Sarah Jessica Parker, Kathy Najimy, and Bette Midler.
Be still my heart in this gorgeous little town with the cutest little houses and decorations.

#3 Gilmore Girls

Oh nobody does it better than the set designers on Gilmore Girls. It has to be the best decor for every  holiday on television.

Now go on grab a cup of hot cocoa, with marshmallows, and some pumpkin spiced bread and tune in to my absolute favorites.

Recipes to come later!!!

Now how about you? What are your favorites? I'm grabbing my cup of cocoa and waiting to hear.

Happy Watching,


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Chalk Paint

It's everywhere! I'm dying to try it! Have any of you tried it? I even called my local Lowe's and they said they didn't carry it. I searched online and it's everywhere.

It comes in a bazillion colors. Not really, but maybe like 20!

The paint requires using the wax and the cutest little brush. By now I'm excited!!!!!!!!

Then I saw the price tags. Now I'm a wee bit disappointed. It's waaaaaaay  out of my  price range, especially with babies on the way.

This little lady is just  going to have to do it the old-fashioned way.

Good Ole Elbow GREASE!!!!

I'll make sure to take before and after pictures.

Happy Painting,


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Friday, September 16, 2011

Butterscotch and the Soap Fairy

Today when I walked into the lunchroom  I was reminded how wonderful people can be. A sweet sweet lady who lives on a very limited income was caught providing soap for all the sinks in the lunchroom. I snuck up on her and said, I always wondered who was so kind to put dish soap at every sink so we can take home clean dishes. A simple random act of kindness. The Soap Fairy.

Someone who lives on soo little does something sooo simple and much appreciated, and not a soul knows. Actually one does now. Me. Thank You God for reminding me amongst all the stress I have had lately that their are truly loving, kind, thoughtful, and giving people in this world. 

This same lady also happens to be the one who smells so yummy when you walk by her desk. Butterscotch, sweet and buttery, and always willing to share.  

They say candy makes people sweeter.

Simple Acts of Kindness Make My Heart Warm and Fuzzy All Over,


It's A Boy and A Girl...

We have puppies! 8 to be exact. They were a bit of a surprise from a former neighbor who left their dog. I will tell you the story here in a few days. For now back to the puppies.



Friday, September 9, 2011

I'm Craving..............

I can smell it! I can already taste it? I'm dreaming of fall leaves, spiced cider, and homemade 
pumpkin pie.